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A new forum

Not sure how many entries I have written entitled a new forum in the past - I think we must be up to abou 6 or 7 - but this one would appear to be the best yet. Staggered by the huge amount of work that Keith has put into this launch - makes my manual uploading seem very small beer! We are truly lucky to have him on board and of course Lee who bankrolls the site.

No new B&O at this end though plans are afoot to get some more of my collection up here and to get other pieces working. I am at present down to one working Beogram (well two as there is a 7000 in a box upstairs!) and three non working - the 4004, 4002 and 4001 are all victims of over use! So no recording LPs at present as the 4000 remains upstairs attached to the 4400.

Have to plan a trip to Denmark sometime this year to collect my 5000 system from Frede - plan to go with Lee and take in a trip to Struer at the same time. Maybe a time to try to do a video diary for the site!

Only published comments... Jan 22 2009, 05:19 PM by Peter



nmartin771 said:

Great idea with the video diary!

And try to organize Struer visit for Beoworlders :)

January 22, 2009 6:35 PM