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  • Struer Trip - arrival

    To whet the appetites of all lucky enough to visit Struer with BeoWorld, here is an appetiser! The second week of June saw Lee and myself meet down at Harwich for a repeat visit to Struer having previously made the trip some two years previously. I had driven last time and so Lee was determined to take the lead this time - and how! On this occasion we were going by Bentley.

    A splendid trip in the best cabins saw us arrive in Esjberg at lunchtime on the 7th of June.A good nights sleep was certainly had by me though Lee, convinced that he snores, insisted on putting paper up his nose. Fortunately for the trip, he failed to asphyxiate and I could inform him that reports of his nocturnal sibilations were grossly exaggerated. 

    A leisurely drive, if such a thing is possible in a car managing 14mpg driven carefully, saw us arrive at the Grand Hotel in Struer mid afternoon. We settled in the rooms - executive rooms on the top floor - the Danes go for a restrained decor so think functional rather than opulent but clean and comfortable - and we did have B&O TV sets in the rooms. We had a quick wander around Struer, checked out the Marina restaurant - enquired about a table but discovered that they stopped serving at about 5.30! A rapid return to the Grand let us enjoy a good meal but most Danes clearly like an early night so the kitchen closed before pudding was ordered! We retired with a liquid dessert to the bar.

    We did notice a group of young men in the restaurant , one of whom proved to be the CEO who came to say hello before our meeting which was scheduled for the following morning at 7 am.

    Despite my trying to keep things relatively low key, he had discovered from my travelling companion that it was my birthday the following day. I was most embarrassed to be presented with a gift as he departed to prepare for the grilling he was expecting the next day. My wife has insisted on my taking a gift from her and as it was now midnight we opened this - a Fortnums's hamper and some very attractive cuff links! We retired to be in eager anticipation of what the next day would bring!