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February 2009 - Posts

  • A First!

    Interesting morning! The GT6 battery was not quite enough to get it going today - it fired last night but only briefly - so it had to be pushed out of the garage and the 16 year old Camry was used to jump start it. I had filled it with petrol and topped up the carb dash pots before attemting a start and it started on the second turn of the key. Still 2 inches of snow here - at least in the drive - so have relived just how rubbish a light rear wheel drive car is on icy snow. Also remembered how rubbish the demister is - will have to check the tubes are actually attached!! - but it sounds good and everything is working - escept the fuel gauge which is disconnected. Walked back from the garage only to be rung an hour later to be told thatr it has scored a straight pass! Never done that before! Not bad for a 37 year old car. Walked back and picked it up - then had the fun of getting it back in the drive and garage! Slight slope up so ended up backing in!

    Plan to get my CD5500 CD tray working properly - it has a disturbing resemblance to Arkwright's till!

  • Mission Accomplished!

    Back in Newcastle following my trip to Eastbourne. Put up for two nights by Tim and Revai in Farnborough and have enjoyed both the company and the huge electronic skills of Tim. Have repopulated the house with B&O - in no particular order now have added a Beosystem 2400 with BM2400, Beocord 2400, Beogram 2402 and an MC40, a Beogram 8002 now working again, a Beogram 4004, a Beogram 4001 shorn of the CD4 board but working well, a Beomaster 6000 quad - I would have given this to Tim but he already had one, my MS150s - we tested these and they sounded terrible as if the woofer had blown but luckily it was just the protection relay that was corroded. Taking these apart merely reminded me how the cabinet making skills really went down in the last few years of wooden speakers. Ther M100s are almost as nice inside as out whereas the MS150s are very crude. They sounded increasingly good the longer they played so I will leave them playing tomorrow. Also got my mark 3 Beovox 5000s back and will be doing a quick restore on these.I might get the cabinets professionally restored so that they look as good as possible.Also back are my LX6000 - glitches fixed and Century - door now working properly.

    Had a very short meet with Lee - clearly a very busy man and in the midst of his move. he has some lovely stock mind you - both new and old. Stunning boxed whiteline LX6000 was one gem I spotted - probably one of the best pictures you can get.

    Will do the setting up tomorrow - time for a quick demo of MS150 against M100 - Tim reckons the M100 is just too complicated and that the MS150 should be better. We'll see! Also will get the GT6 ready for its MOT!

  • The gods conspire..

    Supposed to be picking up a van to go to get my B&O systems from Eastbourne today as well as taking equipment to be repaired. Instead, will be walking the dog in the snow. I think travelling in the worst weather for 18 years would seem idiotic so am delaying - hopefully by only a week!