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February 2007 - Posts

  • 26/2/2007

    Worked this time! Booted me out last time! Had a good day today as I was off! Taken the GT6 in for its service - should be ready any time! Somewhat surprised that it started immediately this morning! Very heavy to drive - I have been spoilt by power steering and automtics!
    Been to the bank to have my ego massaged - told will be assigned a personal banker! Sounds expensive!
    Walked the legs off the dog - not too difficult as only has little ones!Big Smile - smilies working with safari!! 
  • Peter's Blog 21/2/2007

    Have been busy today as have been transporting speakers to B&O of Newcastle ready for the speaker shoot - out! Pentas, BC9500 and my blue Beolab 2 all went for a ride! Starts at 7 on Friday so expect a write up here first!