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October 2009 - Posts

  • One Night In Newcastle

    Pleased to receive an invitation to an evening with the MD of Bang & Olufsen UK, Lars Flyvholm, at B&O of Newcastle, I rang them and enquired about the content. This was to be the history and future of B&O. Despite a few problems with equipment damage last time, I offered them some historical pieces from my limited collection. Partly to humour me I am sure, they accepted, so I dropped off a few bits the Saturday before.

    I was always destined to be late for this event, as I had a date with my dentist (who now has the Beolab 5000s partly involved in the last speaker test). A couple of redone fillings and a temporary structure built, I winged my way to Grey Street. A full house greeted me and Lars had finished his historical journey and had moved on to the new product section. A BeoTime was passed around - I have already played with one of these - lovely bit of kit - and also a Beocom 5 with speaker was on show.

    I am less convinced with this as many of the best features mean losing your old phones. I imagine the rest of the range will have to be upgraded fairly soon. It is light though and has a pleasant display. The speaker phone is probably the highlight though.

    My pieces were on display and were mentioned - I had taken bits which would feature in the talk so a Beomaster 900K, a Beolab 5000 system with Beovox 2500s and Beogram 3000, a Beogram 4000 and a Beomaster 2400 were all on static show. They had also managed to get a Beocenter 9300 and in an alcove was a Beomaster 1600 (Tandberg type).

    Quick chat to Lars and disappeared as music played through Beolab 3s and a 2 was demonstrated - clearly set up as last time!!

    Returned the next Saturday and apart from some stacking marks on the 5000 system (removed with beeswax) all was well!