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A First!

Interesting morning! The GT6 battery was not quite enough to get it going today - it fired last night but only briefly - so it had to be pushed out of the garage and the 16 year old Camry was used to jump start it. I had filled it with petrol and topped up the carb dash pots before attemting a start and it started on the second turn of the key. Still 2 inches of snow here - at least in the drive - so have relived just how rubbish a light rear wheel drive car is on icy snow. Also remembered how rubbish the demister is - will have to check the tubes are actually attached!! - but it sounds good and everything is working - escept the fuel gauge which is disconnected. Walked back from the garage only to be rung an hour later to be told thatr it has scored a straight pass! Never done that before! Not bad for a 37 year old car. Walked back and picked it up - then had the fun of getting it back in the drive and garage! Slight slope up so ended up backing in!

Plan to get my CD5500 CD tray working properly - it has a disturbing resemblance to Arkwright's till!

Only published comments... Feb 13 2009, 11:28 AM by Peter



beocool said:

Hello Peter,

Just found your blog. Glad the Mot went well. Is the CD tray working properly now?

March 27, 2009 11:03 AM