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  • 22/4/2007

    Forgot about this section! I should have deleted it as it was really just to test it! But since you have been posting comments!

    I have a custom built Triumph GT6 convertible made for me by David Aspinall of Anglian Triumph. GT6 chassis and running gear with a Californian Spitfire body, painted in Sapphire Blue with a Shadow Blue interior. Stage 3 2 litre straight six (The 2.5 was considered but is longer stroke so not so revvy) with twin HS6 S.Us. (Strombergs rot with unleaded fuel). Cost really stupid money - could probably have had an E type for similar money but I wouldn't drive one without worrying. Was shown at the 1999 Classic Car show. Officially a 1972 model so is counted as an Historic vehicle and therefore tax free!

    On the B&O front, have been buying bits for my AV9000 - a STB-C and AV2 expander are on order and I need some speakers - will probably get 4000s because of where it is.