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One Night In Newcastle

Pleased to receive an invitation to an evening with the MD of Bang & Olufsen UK, Lars Flyvholm, at B&O of Newcastle, I rang them and enquired about the content. This was to be the history and future of B&O. Despite a few problems with equipment damage last time, I offered them some historical pieces from my limited collection. Partly to humour me I am sure, they accepted, so I dropped off a few bits the Saturday before.

I was always destined to be late for this event, as I had a date with my dentist (who now has the Beolab 5000s partly involved in the last speaker test). A couple of redone fillings and a temporary structure built, I winged my way to Grey Street. A full house greeted me and Lars had finished his historical journey and had moved on to the new product section. A BeoTime was passed around - I have already played with one of these - lovely bit of kit - and also a Beocom 5 with speaker was on show.

I am less convinced with this as many of the best features mean losing your old phones. I imagine the rest of the range will have to be upgraded fairly soon. It is light though and has a pleasant display. The speaker phone is probably the highlight though.

My pieces were on display and were mentioned - I had taken bits which would feature in the talk so a Beomaster 900K, a Beolab 5000 system with Beovox 2500s and Beogram 3000, a Beogram 4000 and a Beomaster 2400 were all on static show. They had also managed to get a Beocenter 9300 and in an alcove was a Beomaster 1600 (Tandberg type).

Quick chat to Lars and disappeared as music played through Beolab 3s and a 2 was demonstrated - clearly set up as last time!!

Returned the next Saturday and apart from some stacking marks on the 5000 system (removed with beeswax) all was well!

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bandm said:

I have bought and used B&O equipment since 1969 and have been thoroughly satisfied with them, but my most recent set-up which included a Beovision 7-40, Beolab 7.4, a pair of Beolab 8000, a pair of Beolab 3 and a Beolab 2 sub woofer have created some problems, namely the Beolab 7.4 and the Beolab 2 both of which have had to be repaired at a total cost of around £800. Has any one else had problems with these particular products? Granted, these were out of warranty, but they were only 5 years old and B&O would not help out in any other way than to offer there apologies. One of their great selling points is quality and reliability and at the price that these products sell for, we should be able to expect trouble -free usage for more than 5 years! I doubt that I shall be buying any more B&O. Would like to hear any comments!!!

March 17, 2010 11:56 AM

tommygund said:

I had a Beovision 7-40. It doesn't get much better IMO.

September 28, 2011 12:06 PM