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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • BV MX6000 + BC 9000 = ?

    Helt ny postare på forumet men har läst en tid. Kommer nog besvära då och då eftersom jag har en BM6000 4-ch med BG6000 som ju kan råka ut för både det ena och det andra. jag har vidare en Beocenter 9000 som fungerar utmärkt tillsammans med Beogram 3000...
    Posted to Forum by tamtapir on 03-02-2012
  • ATV2 + Beovision 10 = choppy/stuttering playback

    The problem is very visible in sideways panning shots or on moving objects, which gets a choppy movements occuring every 5-6 sec. The exact same video files plays back fluently on a WDTV box. Tested with 720p and different lower resolution files. Also tried different output settings on ATV2, 720p 50hz...
    Posted to Forum by hprimdahl on 01-18-2012
  • Re: Beosound 5 Encore & Spotify ?!

    You might try bringing spotify or other app of choice, in through a sonos or one of the new smart bluray devices (relatively inexpensive implementation). Depending on your components and system setup it might be an easy execution. Ron
    Posted to Forum by Ron Pruitt on 11-12-2011
  • Using V.AUX for an audio input

    On an Avant RF VCR, I now have inputs on both SAT and V.AUX which are each capable of supplying video+audio or audio alone. I can select audio mode on the SAT input via a Beo4 by selecting AV (by pressing LIST several times), GO, SAT. This then enables the speakers but leaves the screen switched off...
    Posted to Forum by deaddruid on 09-28-2011
  • A/V without Remote control?

    Hi! I have a LX2800 and don't have the remote control. I want to play 8-bit nintendo with it and I tried it in with scart and ant.Cable. It seems that with the "step" button you can't go to the A/V mode or is it possible? Thanks!
    Posted to Forum by EeePee on 09-26-2011
  • Aufnahme läuft, BV 7

    Hallo, ich habe ein Problem mit meinen BV 7 MK III. Ich habe irgendwie hektisch auf der Beo 4 rumgedrückt und damit den BV in einen Aufnahmemodus gebracht. Es ist definitiv der BV 7 und nicht der angeschlossene DVB-S betroffen. Ich kann nun den DVB-S (Technisat S2) nicht mehr steuern, da alles blokiert...
    Posted to Forum by mafanni on 09-06-2011
  • Audio AUX Link functionality

    Hello, I greatly benefit from my MX7000's "Audio AUX Link" 7-pin socket, which -connected to the AUX of my Beosound 2300- allows me to independly control the volume of both my Beolab 8000 (/w PL too MX7000) and my Beolab 3 (/w PL to 2300). Question: I'm considering a (second life) BeoVision...
    Posted to Forum by ReneB on 08-14-2011
  • No power from my Beolab 7 speaker to my TV

    After searching the forum I could not find an answer to what seems like a small and simple problem, so here it is: I changed my Beolab 7-1 for a 7-4 (because in surround setup I think it sound much better). Upon installing I noticed the power out socket on the back of my new 7-4 was covered with some...
    Posted to Forum by nv on 08-02-2011
  • Beovision MX1500

    Hej folkens Jeg har fået et Beovision MX1500, men da jeg fik det sat til fandt jeg ud af hvorfor jeg havde fået det uden betaling. Det var nemlig tilfældet at det viste sort/hvidt billede på alle kanalerne og så var der ingen lyd i det. Er der nogen der ved hvad man kan...
    Posted to Forum by arhk05 on 06-15-2011
  • BV Avant 32 DVD Update / Latest version

    Vad är den senaste uppdateringen av BV avant 32 DVD. Hur sker uppdatering Chip byte ?? Hur sker det / var sitter det. Hur ser man versionen??.
    Posted to Forum by 6walkerstep on 05-17-2011
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