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  • Beosystem 1 to Panasonic Plasma HD TV 50 Inches

    This is very confusing Anybody out there who has done this please share. I am trying to connect Beosystem 1 to PANASONIC TH-50PZ77U 50" 1080P PLASMA HDTV Thanks
    Posted to Forum by sodoi18 on 08-02-2010
  • Re: Help: Apple TV to BV7-32 - no sound...

    hi jarnim Did you ever get a solution to this problem? I have exactly the same problem connecting Apple TV to a Beovision 7-32. I get a picture through HDMI>DVI and sound coming out of the Apple TV into an active speaker through RCA connectors. No matter what I try I cannot get sound into the Beovision...
    Posted to Forum by toby64 on 12-18-2009
  • BeoVision 7 and Scientfic Atlanta (Virgin)

    Hi Just got the Virgin Media package with HD turned on today (switched from Sky), but the listings of HD boxes does not list Scientific Atlanta as a provider, so have no idea how to access/set up. Is one of the existing boxes equivalent? Can't get any answer from Virgin (Sales or tech support). Please...
    Posted to Forum by BeoNovice on 01-24-2009
  • problem with BeoVision 7-40 (DVI and Component) with Playstation 3

    Can anyone help me - I have a PS3 (Playstation 3) and a BeoVision 7-40(with HD upgrade-kit). First I tried to use HDMI - DVI cable - but no picture. I bought a component cable (YPbPr) and tried but no picture.. These are my setting in my B&O TV. AV1: DVD2 HDTV: DVI-I (and I have also tried YPbPr...
    Posted to Forum by Fredrik_E_80 on 11-15-2008
  • BV8 and HDMI switch problems

    Hello all Having a problem with my BV8-26 and my new Xtrememac HDMI switch and would appreciate any kind of help in this. I'm trying to connect my STB (a Samsung H360R) to the AV2 connection as a decoder. Turning the HDMI=YES on. Then trying to connect my AppleTV to AV1 as a V.AUX on my BV8 - same...
    Posted to Forum by BeoDane on 05-21-2008
  • BV 7/32 High Definition Audio

    Quick question on HD Audio. One of the perceived benefits of Blu-ray discs is the availability of HD audio formats. The method by which these are available can vary. In some cases decoding is performed at player level. In other cases at receiver/ processor level. At present neither BS3 nor the surround...
    Posted to Forum by KENMAC on 03-28-2008
  • Pioneer exit plasma production

    See the attached article. Clearly the more expensive brands are beginning to find things a bit tough. Again this goes to show that the quick pace of technology changes can make it difficult for smaller AV companies to compete. What hope B&O ? On a different note I was told yesterday that BS5 has...
    Posted to Forum by KENMAC on 03-04-2008
  • B&O News on Hi-def video

    The following is taken from " Bang & Olufsen drops HD DVD plans after Warner decision Danish tech company Bang & Olufsen had a small press reception yesterday evening at CES. I attended with a couple dozen others. In the question...
    Posted to Forum by KENMAC on 01-09-2008
  • photo's viewing on BeoVision 7-40MKIII

    I noticed that photo's (JPEG) played from the internal DVD player are much better on the BeoVision MKIII then on the MKII. However pictures played from a computer via the VGA connection are indeed much and much better still. Why is this? regards
    Posted to Forum by rvanham on 10-25-2007

    Post for future reference.
    Posted to Forum by Coolskin on 10-24-2007
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