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  • CD Player for Beosystem 5500

    Hello, I've got a Beosystem 5500. Unfortunately the CD Player Beogram CD5500 is no lnger working. Therefore I am looking for a replacement. And are the questions: - Does the Beogram CD50 connect and work properly with the Beosystem 5500? - Who would you recommend that may be able to repair the existing...
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by snahl on 03-11-2009
  • Replacing an avant tube

    Hi all, I do have 2 avants (28" 50Hz T8111). One is looking beautiful but has a blown tube and the other is looking awfull but has a working tube. So... change the tube and inner components from the one, to the other to get a nice looking working television. I run into problems however: How do I...
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by ElBarto on 02-11-2009
  • Burned in picture any rescue?

    I just bought a beovision a while ago that was just about noticable partly burned in on the screen image. The lcd repaired itself really well since i took over the ownership and started to feed the input with different sources. This time I have come upon another example but now the screen is badly burned...
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by v800 on 01-08-2009
  • Problems with Beomaster8000 - low output, and goes into clipping immediately

    Hi, I have had this unit for several years and it actually has been apart in my basement for the past two. Questions: do I have to have an oscilloscope/signal generator to fix this? Does anyone have any advice on what typically fails, how this amp functions, what to look for, what to avoid, what specifically...
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by BillinMichigan on 12-30-2008
  • BeoMaster 3000 (2402). Tuner Pulley Cord Assembly

    I need to repair the tuner-pulley-slider using some fine tuner-pulley-thread in the assembly. (Mouse attack !). I have the spring !! Would anyone know the correct plan and proceedure to redo the tuner-pulley-slide-thread assembly ? ..... and where can I get some of the 'special' thread ? It seems...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by brasso on 11-16-2008
  • Beovision LX 5500 does not respond to remote

    Hi all, My old Beovision LX5500 does not respond to any commands from the remote control (Beolink 1000 Mk 3). The remote seems to be working fine with a Beosound so I suppose the remote is not the problem here. Details and background information follow. I apologize for them being a bit long-ish. The...
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by uffis on 08-01-2008
  • contrast screen

    does anyone know where i can buy a contrast screen for my beovision avant 32 television? someone only slightly knocked the screen with a glass and it just completely shattered thankyou catherine
    Posted to General Forum (Forum) by cathfg on 07-14-2008
  • Repair a MX2000

    I just accuired a MX2000 TV set for free. But it is not working. The stand by LED is on when i plug it in, and when i press one of the channel buttons the selected channel number is shown in the little display in the top. But there is no picture. It's like the tube isn't turning on. Does anyone...
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by madskp on 06-17-2008
  • Beowox RL45.2

    I Just bought a pair of Beowox RL45.2 speakers for 40€ which seems to be a nice price. But you don't get everything for that price. The Fabric is in bad shape and need to be replaced. I have organised some new and have read the guide on . But what...
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by madskp on 06-12-2008
  • Yet Another RL60 conversion ...

    Hi Everyone, so i made this bargain on eBay (i guess at 50,- Sfr i can't really complain) and ofcourse the ABR's are history. I called a good dozzen or so B&O dealers, but they said they've either never heared of or couldn't get the conversion kit :-( Now im wondering if anyone has...
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by oliver on 05-30-2008
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