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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • B & O Vintage (1980's) Service Doctor ?

    Anyone aware of a person / company in Australia that would do B & O repair work on late '70's early 80's in Australia..?
    Posted to Forum by Tom Bartley on 02-28-2012
  • Beolit 600 for spares/repair - free to good home

    I have a Beolit 600 which works, but has a few small bits broken - we'd like to donate it for spares or repair to help keep these amazing radios going. Do you have a club spares store or someone who would make good use of it, or should I "sell" it in the sales biit? Thanks
    Posted to Forum by cmurray on 12-31-2011
  • Re: Hojttaler S 607

    Hi, I have a pair of Hojttaler S706 which I inherited from my grandfather. It is great to read something about this model because they seem pretty rare. My plan is to revise them because they don't sound so good anymore. The wooden casket I can do myself with some fine paper grinding, steelwhool...
    Posted to Forum by Silvester on 10-05-2011
  • For free / voor niks op te halen: Beomaster 1600 en Beomaster 901.

    Op te halen in Eindhoven. Ze kosten niks dus dit is meer een red-ze-van-de-stort topic dan een verkooptopic. De 1600 is netjes maar heeft het bekende probleem met de rubberen bandjes. Dit is op zich goed op te lossen. De 901 is eens zwart geverfd, er ontbreekt een deel van een schuifschakelaar op het...
    Posted to Forum by Bliss on 09-19-2011
  • Beomaster 6500 and Airplay?

    I am trying to play music using Airplay through my Beomaster 6500. I found the right Din-to-headphone jack connector, but I cannot figure out which port to put it in to. I have ports that say "1" or "2" and "tape 1"and "tape 2" (and other). The first two are easily...
    Posted to Forum by Pooky on 08-17-2011
  • Beomic 5

    Hi everyone. I have a very nice Beomic 5 for sale. The condition is excellent and comes in it's cardboard box. Both channels are working great and also included is the cable and bracket for mounting onto a stand. Open to offers. please contact me at or +447970 932727 thank...
    Posted to Forum by musicismoving on 02-14-2011
  • ITEM SOLD - Bang & Olufsen Stereo Test Record - ITEM SOLD

    The record is sold to Beoworld member Lausvi, who has been looking for it for years. Sorry if the post causes others any inconvenience . A download of the music can be found on this thread If you are interested in an unusual B&O-item – this might be something for you: For sale is a very rare...
    Posted to Forum by Claus on 11-20-2010
  • Gratis af te halen: Beocord 2200, Beomaster 4000, Beomaster 1600 (regio Utrecht)

    Hallo allemaal, Voor de liefhebber/techneut. Langzamerhand begint mijn verzameling ouwetjes te groot te worden. Allemaal mankeren ze wel wat en zullen onder handen genomen moeten worden dan wel als donor moeten dienen. Beocord 2200: werkend weggezet, klinkt wat dof Beomaster 4000: nog gecontroleerd door...
    Posted to Forum by Rosewood on 01-13-2010
  • Service in the London area for vintage Beomaster 1001 and Beomaster 2000

    Hello. I have a Beomaster 1001, this one: and a Beomaster 2000, this one: Both are still in use and I love them dearly and want to keep using them into the future. However, they have both developed 'issues'...
    Posted to Forum by surlyrider on 04-12-2009
  • Beomaster 6000 met commander en beocord en nog een paar stukken

    Voor diegene die interesse hebben... Ik ben de logeerkamer aan het opruimen en heb de volgende B&O stukjes al jaren staan. Denkelijk zijn ze niet meer volledig operationeel. Vandaar dat ik ze op ebay gegooid heb. Mochten er hier mensen met interesse zijn, dan mag je mij altijd contacteren. Ik heb...
    Posted to Forum by Jurgbeo on 11-30-2008
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