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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • Re: Beovision 10 and hdmi expander

    I have 4 Beovision 10s(the endpoints)and affliated speaker configurations tied together using an atlona 8 x 8 HDMI 1.3 matrix switcher and MLGW. HDMI is distributed over cat 7 with video baluns on each end. This way u can view any source(in my case, samsung smart 3d blu ray(apps including netflix, hulu...
    Posted to Forum by Ron Pruitt on 01-14-2012
  • Spotify integrated in Beosound 5 and Encore available in January!

    Spotify will be integrated in Beosound 5 and Beosound 5 Encore in January. No more details unfortunately. Can anyone confirm this? Finally I migth unpack my Encore and put my Beocenter 2 for sale!... Only the Masterlink converter left to make this a lovely device... Edit: My dealer told me that this...
    Posted to Forum by B&Ola on 11-24-2011
  • Re: New Software

    Go with ipad/iphone and you have wifi on board already. Ron
    Posted to Forum by Ron Pruitt on 11-18-2011
  • Re: Beosound 5 Encore & Spotify ?!

    You might try bringing spotify or other app of choice, in through a sonos or one of the new smart bluray devices (relatively inexpensive implementation). Depending on your components and system setup it might be an easy execution. Ron
    Posted to Forum by Ron Pruitt on 11-12-2011
  • New Installation--Advice on Skype Videoconferencing on Beovision 10's, IPads and Beo6s for control

    I am completing a multiroom B&O AV renovation of a vacation property I own in a W hotel(I love projects and designing slices of AV Nirvana). I've placed Beovision 10's with various speaker systems(beolab 9s, 8002s, 6002s etc. depending on the room. I'd like to incorporate HD video conferencing...
    Posted to Forum by Ron Pruitt on 09-29-2011
  • Re: Beo 6 remote

    I was told yesterday by my dealer that they had receievd the software update for both the beosound 5 and beo 6 and now have 2 way communication on the beo 6. Ron
    Posted to Forum by Ron Pruitt on 07-29-2011
  • Getting sound from Avant camcorder sockets to linkroom speaker.

    Hi, I want to get sound from my computer to my link room (BL3500) I have a main room with a Avant 32 DVD and Beosystem 6500. I hame my squeezebox connected to the A-Tape2 socket on my BS6500. As expected I have no problem to get the sound from that in my link room. Now I want to play music from Spotify...
    Posted to Forum by pgerell on 04-16-2009
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