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  • How to make use of STB-C/PUC together with 3rd party units.

    A general question if there are any earlier posted articles, blogs, postings that gives a general guideline on how to use either Beo4 or Beo5 - the closest I found was this posting . In my case I'm particular looking for info regarding Samsung BD-C6500 and WD HD Live.
    Posted to Forum by kimhav on 11-10-2010
  • Re: Two grand burning a hole in my pocket - Which TV

    Hi Simon, I have just fitted a Samsung UE46C5100 that cost me £975, now they are under £850. It's a wall mounted super slim LED TV, only 30mm thick. The complement of connections (4 x HDMI, 2 x USB, VGA, Scart, UHF........ etc) is more than enough to cover all needs. The TV is connected...
    Posted to Forum by Lotus1 on 07-28-2010
  • The answer to synchronizing problems with Serenata!!! (mac)

    I had a problem with synchronizing my Serenata from my mac. But I've managed to solve the problem! The Serenata didn't recognized the music i put in the music folder. But with Disk Utility (a program standard on every mac), now everything is okay. How does it work: First make sure your Serenata...
    Posted to Forum by michgal on 12-10-2009
  • BV8 and HDMI switch problems

    Hello all Having a problem with my BV8-26 and my new Xtrememac HDMI switch and would appreciate any kind of help in this. I'm trying to connect my STB (a Samsung H360R) to the AV2 connection as a decoder. Turning the HDMI=YES on. Then trying to connect my AppleTV to AV1 as a V.AUX on my BV8 - same...
    Posted to Forum by BeoDane on 05-21-2008
  • Serene mobile phone: fantastic performance but no speaker! Great buy secondhand

    I have just purchased a B&O Serene phone used/secondhand but still under guarantee. I wouldn't have paid the full retail price, but could afford it at 60% off retail! It's a fantastic phone and I would recommend most people to ignore the early (prelaunch?) negative reviews. Ignoring the full...
    Posted to Forum by vikinger on 04-16-2008
  • Re: How to start my 'collection'?!

    MachTzu, Before you buy the PS3 do see the following product: LG BH100 (High Definition Player) Since there are two high definition formats, with this player you can read Blu Ray and HD-DVD format. After reading the specifications at the Samsung site i think you can connect the B&O loudspeakers to...
    Posted to Forum by pedrompinto on 07-19-2007
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