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  • Playstation 3 problem

    Hi I have Playstation 3 connected to my bv7-32 mkI using ypbpr. Last weekend I accidentally reset the PS3, and now I only see a black screen on the tv. I know all outputs on the PS3 is working. I have a picure both when connecting it using SCART, hdmi-DVI. And when i try to connect the ypbpr- green to...
    Posted to Forum by Iceman on 01-24-2012

    Just seen this on the Bosscom website, and was wondering if anyone is currently using it with their PS3? Any ideas on what the price is for one of these? Rob.
    Posted to Forum by Robert on 12-11-2010
  • Re: Which blueray player with BV-8

    [quote user="Toralfsen"]Nothing beats the PS3-RE-BL combination![/quote] I have to agree! The RE-BL for PS3 works really great! I have my PS3 hidden in the original BV8-40 cabinet. But if the PS3 "can't breathe" like it can't in my setup, it makes a lot of noise. Now I already...
    Posted to Forum by ClausMikkelsen on 11-25-2010
  • Re: BluRay player - What are You using at home?

    [quote user="GuyHui "]Well IMHO, why does it need to upscal a DVD when watching a movie on a HDTV (1080P) ?Better use a bluray disc on that configuration (bluray player and HDTV).[/quote] Well, based on that the PS3 can't upscale a DVD it's not an option since I, as I guess most other...
    Posted to Forum by kimhav on 11-10-2010
  • Re: Beovision 6 linked to Beovision 7-40 MK3

    Yes it is! Connect both the Analog (scart) cable and the the HDMI cable from the PS3 to your BV740 --> When they both are connected, you hold the power button on the console (not the controller) for about 10 sec till you hear a beep. When you hear the beep, the PS3 has gone from Digital to Analog...
    Posted to Forum by ClausMikkelsen on 03-01-2010
  • BS4 and PS3 and DNLA

    Hi All! Looking for help and advice on the eventual purchase of a PlayStation 3, a DNLA server and connect this to my BS4 and BV3. Don't have a BV7 yet. At home I do have a MasterLink connection and also a CAT5 wire. Using the CAT5 I would place the DNLA server in a storage room with connection to...
    Posted to Forum by LarsH on 01-04-2009
  • problem with BeoVision 7-40 (DVI and Component) with Playstation 3

    Can anyone help me - I have a PS3 (Playstation 3) and a BeoVision 7-40(with HD upgrade-kit). First I tried to use HDMI - DVI cable - but no picture. I bought a component cable (YPbPr) and tried but no picture.. These are my setting in my B&O TV. AV1: DVD2 HDTV: DVI-I (and I have also tried YPbPr...
    Posted to Forum by Fredrik_E_80 on 11-15-2008
  • BeoVision 7-32 et ps3

    Voilà je voudrais m'acheter une ps3 et je me demande s'il est possible de la brancher au beovision 7-32 par l'intermédiaire de l'entrée dvi-i grâce à ce câble:
    Posted to Forum by binch on 06-27-2008
  • Re: How to start my 'collection'?!

    MachTzu, Before you buy the PS3 do see the following product: LG BH100 (High Definition Player) Since there are two high definition formats, with this player you can read Blu Ray and HD-DVD format. After reading the specifications at the Samsung site i think you can connect the B&O loudspeakers to...
    Posted to Forum by pedrompinto on 07-19-2007
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