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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • Video vom Beovision 8 mit DVB-C auf MX7000

    Hallo liebe Community, Stelle mir folgende Situation vor: Habe einen MX7000, den ich in mein Schlafzimmer stellen möchte. Für das Wohnzimmer kaufe ich mir einen Beovision 8 mit DVB-C (extern via STB-C oder intern weiss ich noch nicht). Kann ich nun die Programme, also den DVB-C Tuner aus dem...
    Posted to Forum by ferrum on 12-10-2011
  • MX7000 og LG harddiskoptager

    Jeg har fået er problem med at kunne bruge min dvdmaskine sammen med mit mx7000. Måske er jeg kommet til at trykke på et eller andet, for pludselig virker det ikke. Tidligere var jeg som regel nødt til at slukke for fjernsynet først og så tænde for dvd'en...
    Posted to Forum by Beatrix on 11-25-2011
  • Re: Connect Imac to MX7000?

    [quote user="Daniel"]My MacMini hasn't arrived yet. ..... I will comeback with the result for you.[/quote] Hi Daniel! whats up with your Mac Mini and your LX? And what's about the test between your DVD players and -in comparision- the Mac Mini? I am dealing with the same idea (MX7000...
    Posted to Forum by muck22 on 10-30-2011
  • Re: Urgent help needed!! With mx7000

    [quote user="Tony"]How do you configure a preset to use decoder?[/quote] As far as I remember in the tuning "menu" that is displayed after pressing "goto". Pressing "shift" and then "picture" will change "dec off" to "dec on" - you'll...
    Posted to Forum by Vienna on 09-14-2011
  • Beolab 5 cannot work properly with MX7000....

    Well yesterday my "second-life" Beolab 5's were delivered and installed by the B&O dealer. Absolutely gorgeous and I'm a happy man, but.... I turned out the BL5 cannot be connected without clicking problems to my 1999 MX7000 (clicks upon e.g. volume control) and my near perfect...
    Posted to Forum by ReneB on 08-16-2011
  • Re: Connect Imac to MX7000?

    Hello Gabbbahey, Thank you very much for your information. I've checked every bit of information on the Mac support site but only got more confused. Most iMac's and other Mac's will no do this trick because of changes in videocard and port. I've now tried every possible (combination of...
    Posted to Forum by beophilip7000 on 04-05-2011
  • Re: Connect Imac to MX7000?

    Hello Gabbbahey, I have the same configuration (iMac with ATI Radeon X1600 + MX7000) and have set up everything exactly like you did. Still I don not have any image or sound on my MX7000. I've tried to reset the videochannel, no luck here. I am not sure what settings I could/must change on my iMac...
    Posted to Forum by beophilip7000 on 04-03-2011
  • MX7000 TV will not turn on

    I have 10 year old MX7000 tv which is on standby but when I try to turn it on with the remote, the red light momentarily turns to green then immediately back to red and thus fails to turn on. This is now a permanent situation whereas in the previous months it would simply turn itself off without warning...
    Posted to Forum by video9701273 on 03-05-2011
  • Beovision MX7000, Beocord VHS 91.2, Beolink 1000 terminal/remote — Perth, Australia

    Moving house soon and don't want to lug these around with me anymore… Beovision MX7000 – great condition. With manual. Beocord VHS 91.2 – was chewing tapes last time it was used. With manual. In original box & packaging. Beolink 1000 terminal/remote – 2 of. Neither works...
    Posted to Forum by Brent on 01-26-2011
  • MX7000 cabinet

    Hello B&O friends, Just joined this forum as a happy MX7000 owner since 1992 (type 3380). Picture and sound are unbelievable, even by today's standards. So, I got myself a second one (type 7800) in 1996 and now a third one (type 8700), to replace the first one. My question: can I change the back...
    Posted to Forum by beophilip7000 on 10-02-2010
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