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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • Re: What do I need to create a fully integrated beo-apartment?

    Welcome to the forum, You will discover it depends on how far and what budget you wish to take it. You can easily spend significant $$ on this project. Visit a few showrooms for the basics. B and O is relatively new to home automation and is only recently entering into 2 way communication protocols to...
    Posted to Forum by Ron Pruitt on 02-07-2012
  • What do I need to create a fully integrated beo-apartment?

    Dear all, I am a relatively new B&O fan, and I wondered if someone could help me out with a few questions about how things work and what I'll need. I would like to connect my curtains, lighting, audio and video using a masterlink connection after seing the rather inspiring video on the B&O...
    Posted to Forum by Beonic on 02-06-2012
  • Re: Mac Mini, Beolab 5 and Beosound3000/9000

    Tres, tres cool. A very attractive and simple exection. Are u still pleased with the Beolab 5s? How do u like your video setup from the Nas? Do u get coverart for both audio and video on Ipad with this? I am in the process of settting up a vacation property. Beo6 control, is in place but I miss my metadata...
    Posted to Forum by Ron Pruitt on 11-17-2011
  • BV4/7: Auf neue Preise/Technik warten oder BS3 mit Fremdpanel?

    Nachdem in den nächsten Wochen eine neue BS5 installiert wird, spiele ich mit dem Gedanken, auch unsere TV-Welt anzupassen. Ich bin hier so oder so gespannt, wie sich BS9000 und BS5 im gleichen Raum miteinander vertragen (Händler meinte, wenn die BS5 Master wird, läßt sich die 9000er...
    Posted to Forum by vogelr on 02-22-2009
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