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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • What do I need to create a fully integrated beo-apartment?

    Dear all, I am a relatively new B&O fan, and I wondered if someone could help me out with a few questions about how things work and what I'll need. I would like to connect my curtains, lighting, audio and video using a masterlink connection after seing the rather inspiring video on the B&O...
    Posted to Forum by Beonic on 02-06-2012

    Hi guys When I turn on our Beovision 8 40 the electric curtains do their thing and the sound creeps up. Great! EXCEPT, unlike the other Beovisions with the curtains, it doesnt do this while the picture/sound is there - it does it before! So in other words, the sound creeps up while there is NO SOUND...
    Posted to Forum by Thomas on 10-06-2009
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