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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • Possibly the Best Protection Against...

    Foam rot! Well, actually, the cracking of the rubber surrounds (since foam rot seems to be an innevitability). When I bought my new Treetorn wellies, I read that wiping them down with silicon lubricant will help keep the rubber moisturized and reduce any chance of cracking at the stress points (cracking...
    Posted to Forum by Earle on 05-17-2011
  • P45 grills.......

    Mine seemed to be glued on...but some pictures I've seen shows "plugs" of sorts. Does the model vary in the grill attactment?
    Posted to Forum by Shawn on 03-20-2011
  • Allg. Fragen zu Beomaster bzw. Beosystem 5500

    Hey Leute, ich bin seit kurzem stolzer Besitzer eines Beomaster 5500 und Beocord 5500. Ersatzteile: Beide sind in einem dem Alter entsprechenden Zustand, aber i.O.. Auf dem Deckel des Beomaster ein paar Kratzer und dem Beocord fehlen ein paar Gummifüße. Wie komme ich an Ersatzteile? Gibt es...
    Posted to Forum by DanielLikesBandO on 11-14-2010
  • Beovox 5000 Panel

    Good afternoon, I found a pair of Beovoxes 5000 Panel recently with burned (cone) bass woofers I am interested in. Still high priced, however there might be some margin when negotiating. Just wondering, if the bass woofers could be repaired when burned, as I saw an add, when buying some refoaming rings...
    Posted to Forum by twowheel2001 on 10-21-2010
  • What do you think of beovox speakers - list your top 5

    Would like our senior members with beovox speaker experience List their top beovox speakers in a rank. May be a top 5 list
    Posted to Forum by sodoi18 on 08-03-2010
  • Re: Speaker recommendation for beolink passive type 1658

    After spending some time researching and reading I am inclined to get RL 6000 Please comment
    Posted to Forum by sodoi18 on 07-29-2010
  • Stream Mac music through Beocenter 7000?

    Hey, I did a search and found some information on doing this, but not enough to help really... My ideal situation would allow me to connect my Macbook Pro to my Beocenter 7000 and use my Beovox S30's as my main computer speakers. I have an Edirol FA-66 firewire audio interface hooked up as well,...
    Posted to Forum by mattybass on 06-24-2010
  • Newbie with Beovox 5700 speakers - woofer dustcap preservation?

    Hi everyone, I recently acquired a pair of Beovox 5700 speakers which I absolutely adore. I was previously aware that by this stage in their life, the foam dustcaps on the woofers would almost certainly have disintegrated. Amazingly however, both dustcaps on mine are fully intact and look in really good...
    Posted to Forum by TotoMan on 12-29-2009
  • Beovox cona passive subwoofer with beomaster 3300

    Hi everyone, Since my last post i have purchased a Beomaster 3300, complete with cd, tape & phono. It came with some RL 45.2's which i am going to wall mount when i can get hold of some brackets. I would like to connect a Cona subwoofer but am unsure if the system will accept this as it has an...
    Posted to Forum by joseb on 06-23-2009
  • Beovox 4700 woofer re foam

    I bought a nice pair of these from a boot fair today for a fiver . the cabinets are mint but of course the foam surrounds the woofers have perished . strangely enough they still sound great ( or is it my ears??) when hooked up to my Boecenter 7007. is it possible to re foam these and is it worth it ...
    Posted to Forum by justinlinnane on 05-31-2009
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