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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • Re: BeoSystem 2 and Apple TV

    Hi i am still struggling. I have an older Beosytem 2 and thus bought the first gen Apple TV. Now I am trying to connect both, I have the appropriate YUV/RGB cables as welll as the appropriate SCART adapter, now need to know to what SCART connection to connect the Apple TV (VTAPE, AV, DECODER) and what...
    Posted to Forum by hofrob on 10-07-2011

    Hi I have a Beosystem 3500 with the beomaster, beocord and beocord CD. I love my system its great and really good looking but I have a problem with the beocord CD. The beocord CD will only play in one channel or how to put it. I only get sound from the speakers on the right side not the left side. And...
    Posted to Forum by Bartux on 01-15-2011
  • Beosystem 3000, 2000 Wall Mounting

    I have finaly amassed a Beosystem 3000, inc. Beogram 3000 and CDX; but how to mount it all to the wall? Is there a specific bracket, or do you simply put screws in the wall and hang it (Beomaster + Beocord)? I seam to remember some where that you can mount it flat against the wall, or at a slight angle...
    Posted to Forum by Jamian on 09-13-2010
  • Beosystem 2 display output

    Can anyone please confirm any of the following? 1: The menu screens generated by a BS2 are ONLY available to a monitor via the RGBHV output socket (at 50Hz) 2: The RGBHV socket on the BS2 is populated non standard - v - PC RGBHV standard inputs, if i make a conversion cable, any old CRT PC monitor should...
    Posted to Forum by Lotus1 on 06-29-2010
  • Beosystem 5000

    Hi, I have a Beosystem 5000 with a pair of redline 60 speakers which I bought back in 1986, it is in perfect working order and condition but has mainly been in storage for the last 10 years give or take a dusting off and test session. I was wondering if there would be anyone who would know where the...
    Posted to Forum by whippetkid on 04-14-2010
  • iTunes Library connecting to Beosystem 2500

    All: Is it possible to connect my itunes library from PC to beosystem 2500? Currently I play my itouch using the AUX input with a 3.5 mm to 5 pin DIN. I was not sure if there is a better way to do the same wirelessly Any body out there has tried different set up please share. Creative ideas are welcome...
    Posted to Forum by sodoi18 on 02-14-2010
  • Beosystem 2 (almost) dead

    Hello! I bought a BeoSystem 2 on ebay and it doesn't start. :( I took the unit to the B&O Service and was told that as they don't have a service suitcase available I must pay in advance for the service suitcase (3000 Euro). After they receive the service suitcase they can diagnose the problem...
    Posted to Forum by tc0fh on 04-10-2009
  • wegvallend geluid op AV 9000 HELP?

    Wij hebben nu sinds een aantal weken een mooie av9000 tv, zonder enige andere luidsprekers. Dus we maken enkel gebruik van de mono-luidspreker. Als de tv opstart is het geluid soms zeer zacht, wanneer je het dan harder zet stort het. Daarnaast valt het geluid soms ook zeer plotseling, tijdens het tv...
    Posted to Forum by michgal on 04-08-2009
  • MCL/ML puzzel

    Net geregistreerd en meteen al een leuke puzzel om aan jullie experts voor te leggen... Ik ben bezig om mijn huis opnieuw in te richten en nu eindelijk eens werk te maken van het linksysteem in huis. Probleem is dat ik er niet helemaal uitkom, maar voor jullie is het ongetwijfeld gesneden koek. Wat heb...
    Posted to Forum by MennoT on 04-04-2009
  • Beovision av9000 - geluidskwaliteit

    Hey iedereen, Wij zijn vanaf donderdag in het bezit van een beovision av9000. Nu is alleen mijn vraag hoe de geluidskwaliteit van de luidspreker is, die ingebouwd zit? Ik weet namelijk dat dat alleen mono is, is dit duidelijk te merken in een kleine ruimte zonder de aansluit van twee extra speakers....
    Posted to Forum by michgal on 01-26-2009
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