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  • Beosound 9000 defect??

    Ik heb een beosound 9000 mk2 en zo nu en dan "valt" het cd loopwerk omlaag (speler staat op de voet) en reageert hij nergens meer op. Als ik de stekker eruit haal voor de periode vanenkele uren dan doet hij het gek genoeg weer als ik de stekker erin doe. Weet iemand wat er gaande is met het...
    Posted to Forum by Patrick on 02-11-2012
  • Beosound 3 touch calibration

    I have the Beosound 3 with the bad working touch. When I replaced for a new one touch panel the unit does not behave well. Please, tell me how to calibrate the new touch panel after replacement.
    Posted to Forum by sim2service on 12-07-2011
  • Beosound Ouverture: upgrade to 2.1 (not ?) possible due to missing IC2 on microcomputer board 3

    Hello B&O friends, I'm now lucky owner of two Beosound Ouverture systems 2631. The one has software revision 2.1 and other one 1.4. I wanted to upgrade the 1.4 system to 2.1. Unfortunately, after opening the case I saw that the 1.4 doesn't have one of the eproms (stated IC2 on board 3 in...
    Posted to Forum by satmonster321 on 12-05-2011
  • Overture display

    Can anyone advise about a problem i have with my Beosound Overture type 2637 SW1.4. All display functions work normally apart from the AUX input socket, I have now connected a Beogram 3500 T/T to the aux and when selecting "AUX" either on the control panel or from the beo4 it somtimes displays...
    Posted to Forum by Maurice on 04-26-2011
  • beovision 8-40 mit beolab 3 + beosound overture + beolab 3500 + apple TV 2 ... sound auf anlage fehlt

    hi zusammen, bin auch neubesitzer eines AppleTV 2. anschluss incl. all der ir schnittstellen an beovision8-40 alles problemlos geklappt - d.h. beo 4 geht, musik aus iTunes im fernsehraum incl. beolabs 3 geht ... einziges problem: bekomme den sound meiner iTunes mediathek nicht auf die über masterlink...
    Posted to Forum by jr1188 on 01-14-2011
  • Beosound 9000 random?

    Having just got my BS 9000 looking absolutly mint and sounding wonderful "admittedly only in my headphones at the moment " a curious pattern of play on the cd order is happening, generally it either plays CD1 or CD6 and only once CD5 usually a couple of tracks on each , it recognises which...
    Posted to Forum by Maurice on 10-13-2010
  • beosound 9000 remote

    Can anyone shed any light on a problem with my BS 9000 please I recently purchased 2nd hand a beautiful condition BS9000 all now works well after a thorough clean inside and out "as far as i know anyway " but it would not respond to my beo4 remote "CDV-AV" version so i done the List...
    Posted to Forum by Maurice on 10-06-2010
  • Beogram TX

    Hej Alla En jätte bra sida med många intressanta inlägg. Jag har kommit över en gammal skivspelare Beogram TX, min fråga är om jag kan koppla ihop denna med min Beosound 3000 och hur? Har ett par Beolab 5000 samt en Beolab 3500 i köket. Hoppas på många...
    Posted to Forum by Andrej on 10-19-2009
  • BeoSound Century, problems reading CDs

    Has received today a Beosound Century who do not want to read CD discs. Can anyone give me info where I can start troubleshooting. regards Jan
    Posted to Forum by BegBeo on 09-22-2009
  • Beosound 4 vs Beosound 3200

    Hallo, Ich bin Neu hier und bin am Überlegen, welche Beosound ich mir gönnen soll. Beosound 4 oder Beosound 3200 (oder 3000). Was mir fehlt sind echte Unterscheidungsmerkmale zwischen den beiden. BS4: CD+ RDS Radio + mikrige 2GB Speicherstix BS3200: CD + RDS Radio + Festplatte BS3000: CD+RDS...
    Posted to Forum by Heribert on 08-06-2009
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