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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • Re: Help needed with IR eye wiring for Beomedia 1

    [quote user="Guy1680"] is page 9 of this any use? [/quote] Unfortunately that did not work. However I did a bit of trial and error and got it working. Here is the updated diagram for the BM1/ IR eye wiring. Thanks for everyone's help Stoobie
    Posted to Forum by Stoobietoo on 01-31-2012
  • Filmpjes lopen vast, Beomedia 1

    Hoi allemaal, ik heb wederom een vraag met betrekking to het bekijken/beluisteren van filmpjes op mijn Beomedia 1. Heb een aantal filmpjes op mijn Apple computer omgezet van MP4, m4a, avi en 3gp, naar een bestand dat de Beomedia zou kunnen lezen (zoals WMV & MPEG) en via Beoconnect overgezet naar...
    Posted to Forum by Padrig on 12-26-2011
  • Beomedia 1 alleen in Veilige modes

    Hallo allemaal, Ik heb een BeoMedia 1 gekocht en heb hem ook normaal werkend gezien bij de vorige eigenaar. Nu heb ik hem op mijn Beovision Avant VHS 32 MkIII aangesloten etc. Als ik de BM1 aanzet zie je het opstart scherm (BANG & OLUFSEN) gevolgt door een prompt scherm waarin je kan aangeven of...
    Posted to Forum by Padrig on 12-19-2011
  • software update Beomedia 1

    Dear forum members, after a recovery from my Beomedia 1 the software update function is not working anymore. anyone had the same problen AND solution ? thank you, regards, Ton
    Posted to Forum by Capture on 08-10-2011
  • Beovision 7 / Beo 4

    Ik heb altijd muziek kunnen luisteren via de beovision 7 (via de afstandsbediening het beeld kunnen uitzetten). Helaas kan ik , na de verbouwing, de code niet meer vinden om deze optie via de beo 4 te gebruiken. Wie kan hierin ondersteunen !!!!! Alvast dank
    Posted to Forum by Dutchielike on 11-02-2010
  • Beomedia 1 hick ups during play

    Dear al, since a few days there is a small interruption in every song i play via Beomedi 1. Anyone any idea what is wrong? many thanks in advance, Ton
    Posted to Forum by Capture on 05-21-2010
  • Beomedia: IP address error message

    My Beomedia 1 is connected to my home network via a LAN router that also accomodates several laptop computers. From time to time when I turn on the Beomedia on my TV, it displays a standard Windows error message that there is an IP address conflict with other network users (I guess the problem is caused...
    Posted to Forum by beodim on 05-15-2010
  • Re: BeoMedia1 Constantly Rebooting! Any clues??

    Hi All, have the same symptoms with my BM1. My dealer diagnosed also that the PCB DC-DC Converter and the Power Supply need to be changed, would cost 400€. Only the external power supply shall cost already 110€, not just 15€. Then I thought it's not worth for this old box. Maybe I...
    Posted to Forum by jagy on 04-15-2010
  • BM5 / BS5 Playlist Problem

    Hi all, after no-one in the german forum could help me, i try to explain my problem in the international forum.... (sorry about my bad english) In the past, i can manage my playlists on the BM1 with the beoplayer, by creating an new playlist and deciding whether this playlist should be on the PC only...
    Posted to Forum by Niederrheiner on 11-11-2009
  • Correct Setup, and BEOMEDIA use

    Hi all, This is the setup of my Beolinked rooms. I know you are all better than me on this so i need to ask some things: 1) Is this the correct setup ?(i have fog in my mind about the necessity of Beoport). Is it really needed to have Beoport there? Of course Beomedia and my PC are on the same network...
    Posted to Forum by DrDimitris on 11-05-2009
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