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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • Re: New Cables

    Start at the beginning and read the B&O installation book carefully ... PS: Q&A page 20
    Posted to Forum by Vienna on 02-01-2011
  • what do users want from future Products?

    Greetings peoples, OK, so how about some positive & constructive suggestions about what users want from future products &/or upgrades. Save the whinging for other threads Just to get the ball rolling… • On the video side, my last purchase was a larger screen because I wanted the WIDTH...
    Posted to Forum by Brent on 05-26-2009
  • Help! - - Visual N. Music?

    HI Just got my BeoSystem 3 setup. I have connect my BS3000 and Mac with the Beoport. Is there a way I can see my Mac on screen while the music is playing? In other words my BS3000 would be play and the BS3 would have the screen up. I would like to see what I'm selecting on my Mac while listening...
    Posted to Forum by brendon on 08-19-2007
  • Re: Plasma or LCD versus Projector

    In my opinion you should use a LCD / Plasma and a Projector (the projector lamp lifecycle is too short). You can integrate the projector in the ceiling using a Future Automation mechanism ( and a retractable screen (http://www.stewartfilmscreen...
    Posted to Forum by pedrompinto on 07-19-2007
  • BeoLiving: Project & Room Calculator

    I just found this link that has projector recommendation based on room calculation (file in excel format) and one beoliving project. Hope that this could help someone planning their home cinema room based on the beoliving concept.
    Posted to Forum by pedrompinto on 07-18-2007
  • Installation complète BeoLiving en vidéo

    Cinenow propose une petite vidéo présentant une installation Beoliving complète dans un petit garage de 70m2... Installation réalisée par la boutique B&O Victor Hugo. (Bon, je ne vous dirait pas qu'il s'agit de mon garage par modestie, mais aussi et surtout...
    Posted to Forum by mbee on 07-13-2007
  • BeoLiving at the Farm

    Depuis le séjour des heureux BeoWorldeurs à Struer, nous attendons impatiemment les centaines (!) de photos qui vont bientôt être publiées. Les photos de Guy, Emmanuel et les autres nous ont vraiment mis l'eau à la bouche ! Obsédé par l'idée...
    Posted to Forum by steph on 05-26-2007
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