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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • Beomaster 5500

    Several months ago my wife punched in a series of random numbers on my control panel. Now, whenever I turn on my system, it locks on the CD player, which I do not have any more as after replacing 3-lasers, replacement parts are not available here in California. As a result I cannot turn on the receiver...
    Posted to Forum by waterprsn on 12-27-2009
  • Beomaster 6500 system

    I am new at this. I inherited such system, disconnected, with cut wires, parts all over the place in a "new" house.SO far I was able to retrace and reconnect everything (almost) and the sound is grreat. 1) I still need a MCL 2A (missing). Anyone knows how I can get one? 2) I still have a pair...
    Posted to Forum by bigbang on 11-20-2008
  • Beogram 1700 User Manual

    I recently bought a nice 1700 TT. Anyone know where I can find a user manual in English? I need to make a few adjustments so that it operates perfectly. I tried None in English. Thanks,
    Posted to Forum by Barton on 09-17-2008
  • Beotalk 1200 Problems, D.O.A.!!

    Hi, I purchased a Beotalk 1200 on eBay. It arrived without any cables, adaptor, etc. I bought everything I need to connect the Beotalk 1200 from the B&O store in Toronto. I have downloaded the Instruction manual. I have connected the beotalk as shown in the manual, however, it will not power up....
    Posted to Forum by John on 05-02-2008
  • Technical Help needed for Beocord 2200

    Hi all, I am restoring a 1976 Beocord 2200, and have found a parts unit in the Chicago area. I am in Israel, so postage is prohibitive to send the complete tape-deck. I need a good technical B&O buff in the USA, who would be willing to accept the deck, shipped from the seller. Keep the tape-deck...
    Posted to Forum by yachadm on 01-09-2008
  • Boemaster 7000 with Earlier Components

    I have a Master Control Panel 6500, Beomaster 5500, CD-50 and Beocord 5500. The Beomaster is not working. Would either a Beomaster 6500 or 7000 be compatible with all the rest? Alternately, where would be the best place to have the 5500 repaired in the US? Thanks. Rob
    Posted to Forum by sylvesr on 12-29-2007
  • Beogram RX2 Turntable

    I would like to use my Beogram RX2 turntable to copy LP's and 45's into iTunes on my PC. What additional hardware and software are needed? Jim
    Posted to Forum by jmbausch on 12-25-2007
  • My Beomaster 5500 STD by light is not on and the MCL remote keep saying "No Contact". Please HELP!!!!

    Hi, Few days ago all of a sudden when I tried to turn on my 5500 system the MCL remote keep saying No Contact. I saw all the componant including the Beomaster had the little red light on. Now after few days the little red light from beomaster is gone and the mcl still says no contact. All the other componant...
    Posted to Forum by preaa on 12-24-2007
  • Beogram RX speed problem

    My Beogram RX has been unused for several years. Installed a new cartridge today and was shocked to find that the speed was much too slow. On a crazy hunch, I set the speed to 45 rpm and tried it on a 33 record. It sounded right! Is this more likely a belt problem or a control problem? Advice, please...
    Posted to Forum by 2mojo2 on 12-13-2007
  • HELP.. How can i connected Beomaster 4500 with Beolab 3500?

    Hi..Im newbee at this, what should i do if i want to connected Beomaster 4500 with Beolab 3500 what kind connector do i need. Thanks a lot.
    Posted to Forum by Bobby66 on 12-03-2007
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