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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • Re: Beovox 3702 low frequency distortion

    See also HarryPierce and his 3702 thread The 3702s (type 6244) remain unfixed. I need to crack on and sort them out. I've taken off the dust cap from one of the woofers. The tollerance between the magnet and the inner sleeve are insanely small! I can't see how I can stop the grinding/rubbing...
    Posted to Forum by pepps on 01-21-2012
  • Beolab 2500 - Voltage Problem

    Hi Guys, I've just joined and am starting off with problems !!! - I have inherited a pair of Beolab 2500 speakers, but they are set for 120V and not for 240V supply - I've been doing a bit of reading on this forum and there are some posts which say that the transformer can deal with both inputs...
    Posted to Forum by Crawford on 12-18-2011
  • Newer B&O speakers in wet rooms

    Hi everybody Has anybody made good experience with newer B&O Speakers in wet rooms? We actually have a pair of cx100's connected to a MCL2A in our laundry-room (washing machine, steam-iron, air drier), but would like to upgrade to newer speakers (passive or active). We try to keep the humidity...
    Posted to Forum by beowild on 12-05-2011
  • Re: Beovox 3702 low frequency distortion

    Martin, always grateful for your thoughts. Yes indeedy I made a half-arsed attempt to refurb the woofers. Darn. Should've done more research. Got too excited about it Those CX50s are in such a mess! I guess that's one of your projects - good luck with them Well, as you say there's still plenty...
    Posted to Forum by pepps on 11-30-2011
  • Beovox 3702 low frequency distortion

    Hi once more - thanks to everyone's fast, friendly and accurate responses I'm happy to ask again for your opinions on the following: I just scored a stunning pair of Beovox 3702s from fleabay - paid £11.99 for the pair! Sadly there was a good reason for this - upon connecting the speakers...
    Posted to Forum by pepps on 11-30-2011
  • Re: Hojttaler S 607

    Hi, I have a pair of Hojttaler S706 which I inherited from my grandfather. It is great to read something about this model because they seem pretty rare. My plan is to revise them because they don't sound so good anymore. The wooden casket I can do myself with some fine paper grinding, steelwhool...
    Posted to Forum by Silvester on 10-05-2011
  • Speaker question

    How do I connect non-B&O speakers to the Beogram 5500 receiver? I see 2 rca plugs one R and one L. Do I need a special rca plugs? Thanks for any advice.
    Posted to Forum by Durr3 on 07-27-2011
  • BeoLab 8000 Grill Fabric Replacement

    Does anyone know of a company/person who can replace the fabric on BeoLab 8000 grills at a reasonable price? I’m in Chicago IL area. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks. Syd
    Posted to Forum by BeoGuy on 04-05-2011
  • My first B&O

    So I’m planning to build a stereo purely to play vinyl on, would any one have suggestions for great but affordable speakers from bang and Olufsen that I should get? I’ve never really dealt with the company before but my dad loves the stuff so he suggested buy off them. Things to note ; I’m...
    Posted to Forum by aidyanimal on 03-06-2011
  • Beovision 7 / Beo 4

    Ik heb altijd muziek kunnen luisteren via de beovision 7 (via de afstandsbediening het beeld kunnen uitzetten). Helaas kan ik , na de verbouwing, de code niet meer vinden om deze optie via de beo 4 te gebruiken. Wie kan hierin ondersteunen !!!!! Alvast dank
    Posted to Forum by Dutchielike on 11-02-2010
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