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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • Re: assigning a digibox to the stb list, how to?

    Here's some screen shots:
    Posted to Forum by Guy1680 on 02-13-2011
  • No sound from STB on DVD2

    Hi guys, I'm struggling to get a sound from my STB (Virgin-Samsung) on my DVD2 in tuner mode. Picture is OK. Both connected to BV6-26: STB to AV1, DVD to AV2. Both are registered in BV6 setup. My problem: if I activate STB (picture and sound are OK), and then DVD (in tuner mode, EXT1 selected) -...
    Posted to Forum by s0235400 on 09-01-2010
  • Digital boks til Beovision 8-32

    Hej, Er der ikke nogen, som kan anbefale en god digital boks (STB) til Beovision 8-32, som kan bruges til Boxer. Jeg bor i Malmø, men skal også modtage danske frie kanaler. Jeg har brug for boksen for at kunne modtage MPEG4 kanaler og øvrige boxer betalingskanaler. Jeg leder efter...
    Posted to Forum by ibg001 on 06-06-2010
  • IR emitter on a Motorola VIP-1920 STB [SOLVED]

    Hi all!, I recently bought a Lintronic box to control my AppleTV and STB with my BEO4. After setting up the Lintronic with the proper codes for my AppleTV and my Sagem STB it worked fine (except for the "fast scrolling" on AppleTV which sems not possible, am I right?) otherwise it works perfectly...
    Posted to Forum by Peter on 05-26-2010
  • Two STB's with BV3

    I have a Beovision 3 32" and in the specs it says that it should be able to control two STB's. So I have tried to set STB (SAT) to my Samsung STB and STB V.AUX to Apple remote. However, regardless of whether the TV is in V.AUX or SAT mode, it just sends either one of the signals. That is, in...
    Posted to Forum by nordhamn on 10-14-2009
  • B&O remote with no STB-C and Freeview Box

    Hi, I have an MX4002 with a freeview box connected to it, and I'd really like to use my Beolink 1000 to use it. Is there a magic box out there which converts a Bang and Olufsen IR signal to a universal one? Because I'd love to use more buttons than SAT to control it, and there are no Beosat RXs...
    Posted to Forum by richardd on 01-07-2009
  • Avant and two STBs

    Can I use the STB-C in a non-RF Avant VCR to control two STBs, or is this only possible in RF and DVD versions of the Avant? More particularly, I want to use the STB-C to control a satellite receiver on the "decoder" input, rather than the AV-AUX input. This is to make the interface more wife...
    Posted to Forum by deaddruid on 12-19-2008
  • Beovision Avant STB Controler Again!!

    Hi i've bought an beovision avant and i'm trying to use the STB feature andy T was very helpfull last night and got me going (thankyou andy) but i'm still having trouble! does anyone know (and i really mean does andy T know- which he will) which buttons on the beo 4 remote control the fastwards...
    Posted to Forum by harrykym on 08-05-2008
  • Can you use the RECORD button to record on sky+?

    I have and Avant DVD with a set-top box controller. It doesn't have a video recorder, HDR or a DVD2 connected, so the RECORD button isn't used for anything. Can you customise a Beo4 so I don't have to press MENU-8 to control recording on Sky?
    Posted to Forum by richardd on 05-25-2008
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