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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • Video vom Beovision 8 mit DVB-C auf MX7000

    Hallo liebe Community, Stelle mir folgende Situation vor: Habe einen MX7000, den ich in mein Schlafzimmer stellen möchte. Für das Wohnzimmer kaufe ich mir einen Beovision 8 mit DVB-C (extern via STB-C oder intern weiss ich noch nicht). Kann ich nun die Programme, also den DVB-C Tuner aus dem...
    Posted to Forum by ferrum on 12-10-2011
  • STB-C IR adapter

    I currently have a single IR blaster which is driven by an Avant. I would like to add a second, so that I can have both a DTD and a Satellite decoder connected at the same time (one on SAT, the other on V.AUX). As I'm planning the layout at the moment, can anyone tell me: are the IR blasters available...
    Posted to Forum by deaddruid on 09-27-2011

    I want to buy a Freesat box to work with my Beovision 3. My STB-C has Table 4.25 fitted, and this lists 'HUMAX FOX SAT H' at number 5 as shown below: Does anyone know if this is the 'HUMAX FOXSAT HD' or 'HUMAX FOXSAT HD R '? I would prefer to buy the former but not if I can't...
    Posted to Forum by Guy1680 on 08-20-2011
  • Re: assigning a digibox to the stb list, how to?

    Here's some screen shots:
    Posted to Forum by Guy1680 on 02-13-2011
  • How to update MX8000 with STB-C through the IR-out mini-jack?

    I have a MX8000 tv and would like to control my Triax T-HD 405 VA (not the version that acts like a DVD with control signal through the scart) with the Beo4 remote. I see that this Triax DVB-T is in the PUC Library. I've found information that it's possible to update the STB-C software and table...
    Posted to Forum by mfog on 01-04-2011
  • How to make use of STB-C/PUC together with 3rd party units.

    A general question if there are any earlier posted articles, blogs, postings that gives a general guideline on how to use either Beo4 or Beo5 - the closest I found was this posting . In my case I'm particular looking for info regarding Samsung BD-C6500 and WD HD Live.
    Posted to Forum by kimhav on 11-10-2010
  • STB controller with MX4002

    I've just realised (from Wanted Forum) that it is possible to use STB controller with MX4000. Does anyone know: - Is it a in-build or stand along module? - Is it possible to use STB controller with MX4002? Thank you all, Alexander
    Posted to Forum by s0235400 on 08-18-2010
  • STB Controller von MX7000 in MX4000 einbauen

    Hallo und guten Tag, meinen MX7000 habe ich vor Jahren mit einem STB-Controller ausgestattet. Da der daran angeschlossene HDR1 diesen ebenfalls beinhaltet, brauche ich den STB Controller im MX7000 nicht mehr. Ich habe auch einen MX4000. Kann ich den STB-Controller aus dem MX7000 einfach in den MX4000...
    Posted to Forum by dezeejbp on 03-28-2010
  • BeoSystem 2 - STB-C Upgrade help

    Hi, I had recently purchased a secondhand BeoSystem 2 Mk I and wanted to run it with my Apple TV. So I ordered an STB-C table update chip. There may even be an updated version as this one was marked Western 425! However having replaced the chip (I did use an antistatic wrist strap) I get no picture at...
    Posted to Forum by ndaniels on 03-11-2010
  • Re: MX6000 STB-C controller ?

    yes, the list of STB-C supported products is here on the site !
    Posted to Forum by ouverture on 01-01-2010
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