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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • Re: Beomedia 1 - how to switch off the TV Screen (Beovision 4/Beosystem 2)

    What version of the Beo4 software must be present before [P.MUTE] shows up as an available option under ADD? What would the cost be in order to upgarde ones Beo4 software in order to get that functionality? I have tried several times to locate [P.MUTE] without any luck. It would be so nice to turn off...
    Posted to Forum by Hildebrand on 03-06-2011
  • What remote control do I need for a BeoVision?

    I've got a BeoVision Avant and a MX4002, and one of the Beo4 remote controls has died - kids & coffee :-( So I need to get a replacement for one or other of the tellys - do I need to just get another straight-forward replacement Beo4, or are there alternatives that can be used? And are there...
    Posted to Forum by agerrard on 06-02-2010
  • Cannot navigate DVD1 menu

    I have a DVD 1 connected to my MX 8000 TV. The DVD 1 player works Ok when I use the control buttons on its front panel. I am also able to start playing using the GO button on my Beo 4 remote control. Here is my problem: When opening up the menu using the BLUE button or the MENU button, I cannot navigate...
    Posted to Forum by magmy on 12-20-2008
  • Configuring BeoSound 9000 and Beo Active?

    Hi , I have a Beosound 9000 with beolab 8000's connected directly with powerlink cables. i have recently connected a beolink active box and a pair of Pentas in a separate room. I cannot get the pentas to fire up whatever i try. i have set the link room to option 6 on the L.OPT. the IR module responds...
    Posted to Forum by andyfox33 on 12-30-2007
  • Re: Beo4 last version

    I know there is a combination to do on Beo4 to find out the SW of the remote, but I don't remember it. Can somebody remind it to me? It use to be on the tips and tricks page on the old site, but that page does not seem to exist on the new Beoworld [:'(]
    Posted to Forum by Tom on 05-16-2007
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