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  • Re: ML/CAT wiring projects

    Well, my plan is to wire up each of the drops with minimum CAT7 cabling to ensure that I can have both a ethernet and masterlink connectivity. What I'm looking for are following: Combo PL + 230V to drive BL8000 or plain single PL jacks Combo ML + 230V to drive BL3500 or plain single ML jacks For...
    Posted to Forum by kimhav on 09-17-2011
  • Re: Beosystem 2 Wireless to PC

    There is a Handbook out that might answer many of your questions: Its called "Cat7/Class F New Installation Concept New Infrastructure Handbook" from B&O. PM me with your email and I can send it your way if your interested still. Covers the concept, cable management, reducing noise in PL...
    Posted to Forum by Hildebrand on 04-03-2011
  • Re: New Cables

    Start at the beginning and read the B&O installation book carefully ... PS: Q&A page 20
    Posted to Forum by Vienna on 02-01-2011
  • Re: B&O doesnt recommend MasterLink anymore, the recommend CAD 7 cables for your house ???

    [quote user="Olof"] So the cabeling from jack to jack will be Cat 7 and from the jack to the B&O equipment a B&O cable with one ML plug and one Cat 7 plug ? [/quote] Yes! You use an "installation cable" from RJ45 patch-panel to RJ45 jack and a "product-cable", one...
    Posted to Forum by Vienna on 04-01-2010
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