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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • MCL/Masterlink - Fehlersuche und -Behebung

    Ich habe mehrere IR-Empfänger im Haus, die über MCL an ein MCL2P angebunden sind. Das MCL2P ist über Masterlink an eine Ouvertüre angeschlossen. Jetzt funktioniert auf einmal die Steuerung des Systems über die IR-Empfänger mit der Beo 4 nicht mehr. Signale der Beo 4 werden...
    Posted to Forum by wolferich on 02-11-2012
  • Beosound 2000/ Century sub output

    Purchased a Beosound 2000 and I really like the sound. However, I would like to add a subwoofer output to add a some more bass to the sound. Has anyone tackled this before? I mostly use the aux input with a ipod or computer. I was also thinking of using a car crossover but would really like to have something...
    Posted to Forum by Peterolufsen on 02-05-2012
  • Clamper Size

    Hi All, I'm a bit new to B&O and I am looking to buy an Ouverture but am not sure what the differences between the small and large clampers are, Can anyone help me? Many Thanks, Nick
    Posted to Forum by Nickdee on 01-24-2012
  • Beosound Ouverture: upgrade to 2.1 (not ?) possible due to missing IC2 on microcomputer board 3

    Hello B&O friends, I'm now lucky owner of two Beosound Ouverture systems 2631. The one has software revision 2.1 and other one 1.4. I wanted to upgrade the 1.4 system to 2.1. Unfortunately, after opening the case I saw that the 1.4 doesn't have one of the eproms (stated IC2 on board 3 in...
    Posted to Forum by satmonster321 on 12-05-2011
  • Ouverture - glass doors sliding problem

    Hi, my new bought 2nd hand Ouverture have problems with its sliding mechanism - sometimes the doors closes not completely, the gap between differs between 2 - 60 milimeter when 2 mm are fine and normal. I cleaned up the running rails already but I assume, it might be a problem with the rubber band -...
    Posted to Forum by Tomvdw on 07-06-2011
  • UPDATE: Ouverture Fragen: Säubern, Türen schliessen nicht, Frage zu Boxengehäuse

    (EDIT:) Hallo zusammen, nachdem ich ja gestern beschrieb, eine Ouverture (Model 2632, SW 1.4) als Superschnäppchen erstanden zu haben und direkt ein paar Fragen hierzu stellte, hat sich eine Menge davon bereits nahezu erledigt. Gereinigt hab ich die Anlage bereits - war schon ne Aufgabe da die Vorbesitzer...
    Posted to Forum by Tomvdw on 06-27-2011
  • Beosound Overture

    Hi everybody I have owned an Overture since new which is about 20 years old. It has had very little use over the years. My problem is that when trying to play a cd the disc spins a few times and then stops. I have cleaned the face of the laser but it does not make any difference. Any advice or help would...
    Posted to Forum by zor38 on 05-27-2011
  • Ouverture serial number

    With a serial number starting with 14 in which years was the beosund overture product ? Thanks
    Posted to Forum by gilbert on 05-15-2011
  • beovision 8-40 mit beolab 3 + beosound overture + beolab 3500 + apple TV 2 ... sound auf anlage fehlt

    hi zusammen, bin auch neubesitzer eines AppleTV 2. anschluss incl. all der ir schnittstellen an beovision8-40 alles problemlos geklappt - d.h. beo 4 geht, musik aus iTunes im fernsehraum incl. beolabs 3 geht ... einziges problem: bekomme den sound meiner iTunes mediathek nicht auf die über masterlink...
    Posted to Forum by jr1188 on 01-14-2011
  • New review blog for fine gadgets including B&O products, help needed!

    Hi Guys, I have just started a blog which reviews fine gadgets (mostly bang & olufsen products) that I own. Would really love to hear your feedback on my articles! I'm doing it all for free as I want to spread the word about these amazing products! Especially since their shares dropped 25% in...
    Posted to Forum by Thomas on 12-15-2010
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