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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • MacMini 2010 - Beovision 10 - Linkplayer and Beoport

    Can someone help me understand what I'm doing wrong? I had: - MacMini 2010 connected to a Beoport + 2 Beolab 6002 and a Philips flatscreen in one room. - In main room: Avant DVD and Beosound 3000 + 4 Beolab 4000 + Beolab 2 - Beolab 3500 in a third room I used Linkplayer v1.1 and with N.MUSIC I could...
    Posted to Forum by mmirko on 12-02-2011
  • Problem mit Beolink-Aufstellung - BS5/BM5/BC2

    Das Vorhaben: Ich möchte gern im Linkraum N.Music bzw. N.Radio des BM5 auch auf dem Beocenter 2 hören und umgekehrt im Hauptraum eine CD hören können, die im BC2 im Linkraum ist. Leider klappt weder das eine noch das andere. Die Aufstellung: Auf der Beo5 habe ich zwei Zonen, die meiner...
    Posted to Forum by AJungermann on 11-11-2011
  • Beosound 5 Encore - Guide how to rip / transcode / store files using a Mac

    After several days of transcoding ( Format A to Format B ) and rebuilding databases on my Beosound 5 Encore and my NAS here is my “how to do it” thread so you don’t have to make all the mistakes by yourself. Hardware used: iMac running OSX Snow Leo Western Digital WD Live NAS with Twonky...
    Posted to Forum by Stephan on 09-08-2011
  • N Music Role Change

    After recently recovering my Beomaster 5/Beosound 5 back to day one settings I am having an issue where it wont allow me to change the role setting from N Music to CD - allowing me to control the system quickly with a Beo4 remote. When I select CD the system always reverts back to N Music. It will however...
    Posted to Forum by andyt1979 on 08-01-2011
  • MCL xtra speakerkit an beolink passive - keine FB Signale

    Hallo an alle, das ist mein erster Eintrag hier, ich hoffe einer von euch cracks kann mir helfen. Habe Beoport am PCmit Tranceiver, funktionieren blendend, über ML auch die Fremdsignaleaus dem Hauptraum mit AV9000. Beolink passive habe ich im beoport-raum zur Übertragung des...
    Posted to Forum by Mariusz on 04-01-2011
  • Re: dealer conference

    [quote user="TripEnglish"]The BeoSound 5 Encore has a USB, Aux in, & headphone out on the outside and an Ethernet, USB, and PowerLink on the inside. [/quote] Hi Trip, I'm not following you completely with 'on the outside' and 'on the inside'? For instance, does this...
    Posted to Forum by Pauliander on 09-29-2010
  • Beoplayer (Beomaster 5) - N.Music problems

    Hi All, Some strange is happening with my Beoplayer on my PC. Beoplayer is connected to the Beomaster 5. The Beoplayer successfully launches on my PC, the Beoplayer works with N.Radio amd PC CD, etc.. However when I select the N.Music the Beoplayer hangs and I cannot view the folders (when I move the...
    Posted to Forum by ASud on 02-21-2010
  • Beo Link PC2 / Beo Port with Ouverture - Cracked It, Sort Of

    Hi, I'm posting this as a separate post as I hope this will be useful information to some. I have been trying blindly for the last few days to link up my BeoCenter 6-23, Ouverture and Mac Mini with a Beo Link PC2 (latest firmware). After much searching and posting the general consensus was that the...
    Posted to Forum by thatlondon on 01-10-2010
  • Re: BeoLab Penta/4500 with BeoPort

    I have just bought a BeoPort and connected to it to my BeoSound 9000 with BeoLab 4500 speakers. If I turn on the BS9000 using N.MUSIC or N.RADIO nothing is displayed on the BL4500. The displays are completely blank. If I shift from a different source, e.g. RADIO or CD, to N.MUSIC or N.RADIO the display...
    Posted to Forum by jkjeldskov on 09-30-2009
  • Re: Paging BM-Link users in the San Francisco Area

    hi anders, in french we say, "ceci explique cela", or "this explains that" ! let me thank you for all your work on bm-link. it opens the world of to the mac community. i have written to b&o via their contact page insisting that they provide support for you, or at least...
    Posted to Forum by scott451 on 09-02-2009
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