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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • Re: can I connect a MASTERLINK+RJ45 cable on a switch/hub ?

    [quote user="olvisab"]Cat 6 should be enough, don't you think[/quote] Cat 6 or 7 is of no importace as long you are using the cable for analog MasterLink or PowerLink. But the layout (construction) of the cable is very important! You need a screened / shielded cable + each twisted pair...
    Posted to Forum by Vienna on 10-07-2011
  • Link issue > Need Overture to be Master again (without TV) > looking for remote code input

    Dear all, I used to have a Overture connected to a TV. The TV used to be master and is now no longer existant. What Code do I have to input (and how) into the Beo4 remote to make the Overture know its the master again? kind regards Andreas
    Posted to Forum by Andreas_H_Schmidt on 07-09-2011
  • Re: Link Room speaker problem

    I believe that has to do with the Option settings, but couldn't say for sure. Option 6 : Used in a setup with the main system in one room, and the link room setup in another is the Factory Default setting for the BeoLink Wireless 1. According to the User Manual it list Option 5: Used if you set up...
    Posted to Forum by Hildebrand on 03-06-2011
  • Re: New Cables

    Start at the beginning and read the B&O installation book carefully ... PS: Q&A page 20
    Posted to Forum by Vienna on 02-01-2011
  • bv7 hdmi rf translation

    hi, a camarade in the beo mac section suggested that the bv7 might be capable of translating an incoming hdmi signal (e.g. from a mac mini) to an analog signal and distribute it to link rooms. is such a thing possible or has some spell cheated my eyes ? - scott
    Posted to Forum by scott451 on 09-22-2010
  • BV 7-40 MK 3 V-MEM im Linkraum

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe mal wieder ein Probelm. Ich habe an meinem BV 7 ein Apple TV angeschlossen Quelle ist V-Mem. Läuft eigendlich alles bestens. Das Problem ist, dass ich keinen Ton in den Linkraum bekomme. Wenn ich m Linkraum V-MEM einschalte passiert im Link-Raum nichts, allerdings erscheint...
    Posted to Forum by mafanni on 09-10-2010
  • Help with commands for linked products

    B&O Friends, Will tonight link my BV8 and my BS3000 together (both in same room with Option factory settings ). My BL3:s are connected to the BS3000 (do not want them connected to the BV8) A BL2000, placed in the kitchen area, is already linked with the BS3000 with Option 4. I now need help to understand...
    Posted to Forum by Hiort on 11-17-2009
  • Re: AppleTV Distribution?

    hi, this is slightly off topic, but... i am curious to know what happens with a bv7-40 that has an internal blu-ray player. if the bv7 can not downscale does that mean that it can not distribute a video signal to link rooms ? thanks, scott
    Posted to Forum by scott451 on 07-23-2009
  • Masterlink keine verbindung zeitweise

    Hallo Zusammen Ich habe ein Beosound 9000 und über Mastelink ein Beolab 3500 und ein Beolab 2000 verbunden. Jetzt hab ich seit etwa einer Woche zeitweise keine verbindung zu den Linkgeräten, Ich kann sie nicht einstellen und die Timmerfunktion geht nicht. Zeitweise Kann ich icht mahl mehr den...
    Posted to Forum by lasvings on 05-10-2009
  • Beolink passive - IR Sensor Frage

    Hallo, ich bin auf der Suche nach einer dezenten Lösung für den IR-Sensor an einem Beolink Passive. Der originale Sensor ist mir zu auffällig. Ich möchte gerne nur eine einzelne IR Empfängerdiode haben, da ich die supergut verstecken kann. Kann mir jemand sagen, ob es funktioniert...
    Posted to Forum by mafanni on 05-10-2009
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