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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • IR Code Datenbank

    Hi, kennt einer von Euch eine Seite, die nahezu alle (von den bekannten Markenherstellern wie Samsung, Humax etc.) verfügbaren IR Codes beinhaltet? hat mir leider nicht weiterhelfen können... denn die haben nicht das was ich brauche :) Danke, Sir Cona
    Posted to Forum by SirCona on 01-11-2012
  • STB-C IR adapter

    I currently have a single IR blaster which is driven by an Avant. I would like to add a second, so that I can have both a DTD and a Satellite decoder connected at the same time (one on SAT, the other on V.AUX). As I'm planning the layout at the moment, can anyone tell me: are the IR blasters available...
    Posted to Forum by deaddruid on 09-27-2011
  • Re: New B&O products for September?

    Hello, I received three units of the iPod dock for B&O into the UK from *** in Denmark and one of them didn't work at all and the other two exhibited error messages. All three were considered to be not fit for purpose and I would not recommend them. Bosscom advertises them as being "specially...
    Posted to Forum by Judith on 11-05-2009
  • B&O remote with no STB-C and Freeview Box

    Hi, I have an MX4002 with a freeview box connected to it, and I'd really like to use my Beolink 1000 to use it. Is there a magic box out there which converts a Bang and Olufsen IR signal to a universal one? Because I'd love to use more buttons than SAT to control it, and there are no Beosat RXs...
    Posted to Forum by richardd on 01-07-2009
  • Beolink PC2 IR eye

    Hi everybody, I bought IR eye for my Beolink PC2 recently. It comes as a silver disk with 5 buttons and a 3-core cable with 3.5 jack (and a wiring diagram of cause). The matter is: IR signals come through to Beoplayer OK, but no one IR eye button affects Peoplayer regardless of any Beolink option (0...
    Posted to Forum by s0235400 on 07-17-2008
  • Beovision 8 With Sky HD How To Make Beo5 Remote Work?

    Hi peeps, i've just upgraded from Sky Plus to Sky Hd and i now can't get my Beo5 remote to work? With the previous set up i had registered the set top box as Pace Sky+ and had a scart cable connection which also piggybacks the power for the Beo5 IR Blaster apparently. With the new setup i'm...
    Posted to Forum by bert4243 on 04-10-2008
  • Connecting STB To Beovision 8 To Use Beo5 Remote

    Hi peeps, i have been advised you have to have a scart connection between the Beovision 8 and the SKY+ STB to enable the Beo5 remote to function properly with the IR Blaster. However, because i'm going through a wall i want to drill smallest hole possible. Does anyone know if a scart to 3 phono with...
    Posted to Forum by bert4243 on 03-23-2008
  • Extension Of IR Blaster - Beovision 8 to Sky+ (Plus) with Beo 5 Remote

    Equipment involved: Beovision 8, Beovision 5 Remote, Sky Plus (one feed without multiroom). Hi peeps, i'm new to this site and have a techy problem. I have recently purchased a Beovision 8 (32") and live in an apartment with one Sky feed. My Sky+ is in the front room and my Beovision 8 is in...
    Posted to Forum by bert4243 on 03-10-2008
  • Re: HEX codes for Beolink 1000

    I have a similar problem, but I'm missing the V. Tape function on my universal remote, so I can't view anything that's plugged into the SCART plug. Do you know the HEX code for that button?
    Posted to Forum by haffi67 on 01-04-2008
  • HEX codes for Beolink 1000

    I just bought a universal remote and I want ot use it to control my Beosystem 7000. It came with a database of commands but it is missing two commands that I have on the Beolink 1000; the AV and TV commands. Does anyone know what the HEX codes for this commands are or point me to the right direction...
    Posted to Forum by ametaxas on 12-29-2007
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