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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • HDR2 Beovision 250 gb

    Is HDR2 Beovision 250 gb compatible with Panasonic tv Viera VT20E or only with B&O Television?
    Posted to Forum by gilbert on 06-18-2011
  • HDR2 Query

    Can anyone tell me how to get an HDR2 to work with an Avant???
    Posted to Forum by Jonathan on 12-14-2010
  • HDR2, BV7 DTV and EPG

    Hi! I'm thorn between getting a HDR2 or an internal DTV tuner (when there is one with internal HDD) to record TV shows. My first idea was to wait for a DTV module but I might change my mind, since I haven't found so many HD channels worth getting in Sweden. The question is if HDR2 has som EPG...
    Posted to Forum by northswede on 06-07-2010
  • Comment est ce que je fais pour récupérer des choses effacées sur DVD2

    Bonjour, je ne sais pas comment j'ai fait, mais j'ai effacé deux enregistrements sur mon disque dur du DVD 2. Je ne retrouve plus les modes d'emploi, et je voudrais récupérer mes deux épisodes qui me manquent. Quelcun saurait comment faire, ou au moins si cela...
    Posted to Forum by Jelmo on 05-22-2010
  • DVD mit Beovision - welcher TV? - auch mit HD?

    Ich hab einen "alten" Avant-TV und möchte eine B&O Lösung fürs DVD spielen und Film-Aufzeichnung, also eine mit Beo4-bedienbare Lösung. wenn ich einen Beovison 7 kaufe habe ich DVD dabei. Kann ich damit auch Filme auf einer HD abspeichern? Welche Beovision haben einen...
    Posted to Forum by Gerhard on 10-29-2009
  • Re: DVD2 versus HDR2

    aha, viele Fragen als viertel-B&O-Profi und voll-B&O-Liebhaber: - Also der DVD2 kann auch Filme auf die 250GB-Harddisk aufnehmen? - alles mit einer FB - ja das ist es!! mit welchen Argumenten wird vom DVD2 abgeraten? - was ist "FHD" (beim CD-player)?
    Posted to Forum by Gerhard on 10-29-2009
  • BeoVision MX4000 Beo4 and HDR2

    Hi all, I have tried connecting a HDR 2 to a MX4000 Beo4 model. In the setup menu it can find the HDR2 automatically(it says VTAPE 1 B&O). But when i press VTAPE = black screen and the HDR2 doesnt start up. When i connect the HDR 2 to a BV7-32 MKII with the same cables it works... :( What can i do...
    Posted to Forum by BMGHB on 03-27-2009
  • HDR2 - Pin code protected ??

    Does the HDR2 have pin code? I have bought a second hand HDR2. On the invoice serial no and pin code is mentioned. But the manual does not mention pin code. And B&O customer service in Denmark states that HDR2 does not have a pin code protection I do not feel well about not having the pin code. Any...
    Posted to Forum by c1010 on 03-11-2009
  • Re: HDR1 vs HDR2

    I will upgrade soon. The HDR1 will be updated with a 250gb harddrive and new software. I'm told the screen menus of the HDR1 MKII and HDR2 will not be the same.
    Posted to Forum by Coolskin on 10-27-2007
  • PS3 Playtv

    See the video at the following site Sony are now launching PlayTV as an add-on for the PS3. Looks a pretty good solution and certainly far preferable to B&O's DVD2 which from what I've read doesn't appear to have a digital...
    Posted to Forum by KENMAC on 08-23-2007
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