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  • Re: Beovision 10 and hdmi expander

    I have 4 Beovision 10s(the endpoints)and affliated speaker configurations tied together using an atlona 8 x 8 HDMI 1.3 matrix switcher and MLGW. HDMI is distributed over cat 7 with video baluns on each end. This way u can view any source(in my case, samsung smart 3d blu ray(apps including netflix, hulu...
    Posted to Forum by Ron Pruitt on 01-14-2012
  • hdmi swicher/expander beovision 10

    Ik heb een beovision 10 waarop 2 hdmi aansluitingen zitten die al bezet zijn. Nu wil ik graag Apple tv 2 erbij hebben maar er is geen vrije hdmi aansluiting over. Welke hdmi switch of expander kan ik toepassen en wat is de prijs hiervan (ik heb zelf gevonden one remote hdmi switch en Gefen switcher 4x1...
    Posted to Forum by Solex on 01-08-2012
  • Beovision 7 with DVI socket (no HDMI), connection to Virgin TiVo box

    I have had my Beovision 7 for 4 years and last week took delivery of a Virgin TiVo box. As the older Beovision & only has a DVI socket the Virgin installer connected the box to the TV using a scart cable and as a consequence I cannot view programmes in HD. I have bought a HDMI to DVI cable and wonder...
    Posted to Forum by gdsgraeme on 12-06-2011
  • Re: BeoVision 8-40 hz question

    The film mode senses automatically the incoming signal trough the HDMI port, but only if the source allows it, that means that your MacMini needs to support 24p output to be able to make use this feature.
    Posted to Forum by kimhav on 03-07-2011
  • N.Radio BeoSound 3000 HDMI Eingang

    So, nachdem ich doch sehr lange im Forum gestöbert habe, aber nur (für mich) recht ungenaue Antworten gefunden habe, stelle ich hier meine beiden Fragen und hoffe auf einige (kurze) Antworten. zu meinem "setup": BeoSound 3000 - BeoLab 8000 - TV: Philips 37PFL5405H Meine Fragen: 1...
    Posted to Forum by muck22 on 01-27-2011

    Considering a Beovision 8 and curious about versatility. Read somewhere: "Extra video connections can be included with a plug-and-play unit." What does that refer to and can I insert an HDMI dynamic switch to atone for the lack of HDMI connectors? I designed and built a cherry wood (primarily...
    Posted to Forum by congodog on 11-25-2010
  • bv7 hdmi rf translation

    hi, a camarade in the beo mac section suggested that the bv7 might be capable of translating an incoming hdmi signal (e.g. from a mac mini) to an analog signal and distribute it to link rooms. is such a thing possible or has some spell cheated my eyes ? - scott
    Posted to Forum by scott451 on 09-22-2010
  • BV8-40 HDMI Expander

    Hej Loungere, Håber I kan hjælpe mig. Jeg er ved at løbe tør for HDMI indgange på min BV8-40 og overvejer derfor at sætte en expander på. Men hvilken? Skal det være Gefen? Hvad koster den? (har ladet mig fortælle at den er meget dyr) På forhånd...
    Posted to Forum by ClausMikkelsen on 08-25-2010
  • Re: Tvix kontra Appel Tv

    Alternativt kan du kigge lidt på WDTV eller WDTV live. Boottiden er hurtig - menu systemet kan du kustomisere. Den afspiller hd materiale fænomenalt og så er den i PUC listen. Den er dog enormt grimt, så den skal gemmes væk; men det er funktionalitetsmæssigt et rigtig...
    Posted to Forum by fl4f on 08-23-2010
  • Re: The unique, one and only SOFTWARE UPDATE THREAD!

    I have now also sw 8.12 on my BV9....thanx GBG....the curtain was fast before, but now!!´s very slow!!! ok it´s little better then before....nice that you can rename source....but when I press on my BV9(let´s say DTV) that I rename to "canadigital" it shows that first...
    Posted to Forum by mr_anders_son on 05-08-2010
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