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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • HDR1 and DVD1 with BV6-26

    Hi! It's been a long time since I was here, mainly because of a new job and a new apartment, which have taken quite a bit of my time. Now, though, I'm ready to ask a serious B&O-related question. :) I have a BV6-26 from 2005 with a DVD1 connected to it. (Some of you may recall my HTPC build...
    Posted to Forum by fridsten on 09-29-2011
  • Should I get a second hand DVD1?

    My home-built HTPC hasn's been working properly lately, which isn't that much of a surprise, considering the shoddy build quality and the fact that it's six years old. Now, the kids obviously want to be able to watch their DVDs. I have a Beovision 6-26 as my main TV. Should I get a used DVD1...
    Posted to Forum by fridsten on 04-27-2011
  • Re: dvd 1

    no tv just a video projector japanese brand call oley thanks
    Posted to Forum by atomic on 06-14-2010
  • Re: What's better - an MX6000 or an Avant 28?

    Thanks guys - so by the sound of Lee's post on that thread, early curved-screen Avant 28s have a propensity to blow tubes but early Avant 32s are far less prone to it? Are DVD1s known to be unreliable? I'm quite curious how he'd had the DVD working with everything all connected up, operating...
    Posted to Forum by DrewSavage on 02-17-2010
  • What's better - an MX6000 or an Avant 28?

    I was wondering if anyone might have any particularly strong views on this, as I'm considering buying either one secondhand... I know the Avant is the later model and is widescreen and so on, but I'm sure I've read somewhere that the MX series have better picture quality. Which sounds odd...
    Posted to Forum by DrewSavage on 02-07-2010
  • New (to me at least) DVD1 - not working

    I bought a DVD1 off Ebay recently. The exterior is OK, with no indications of any damage during transport. Unfortunately it is not working. No picture on the Television set, not even menus appears on the screen. I have tried it connected to both my MX 7000 and to a MX 4200 without any success. All possible...
    Posted to Forum by sverreh on 12-03-2009
  • Cannot navigate DVD1 menu

    I have a DVD 1 connected to my MX 8000 TV. The DVD 1 player works Ok when I use the control buttons on its front panel. I am also able to start playing using the GO button on my Beo 4 remote control. Here is my problem: When opening up the menu using the BLUE button or the MENU button, I cannot navigate...
    Posted to Forum by magmy on 12-20-2008
  • DVD 1 problems

    Hello, I recently got a MKII ( 2006 or 2007 ) DVD1 and I don't think it's working properly. It's from the UK, but I got an EU plug and the B&O scart cable from my dealer here. When I insert a DVD it has an annoying lag when choosing DVD menu options. But I can live with that. The problem...
    Posted to Forum by gorissek on 12-19-2008
  • Can a Beolink 5000 operate a DVD1 connected to a MX7000? And is €300 for a DVD1 a good price?

    1) I got my fingers in a brand new (10 years old - but new in box) Beolink 5000. The reason for choosing this remote is that I have a Beocenter2300 and two LC2's. But will this remote operate a B&O DVD1? 2) Presently I do not own a DVD1. But I just got one offered at a price of I just got DVD1...
    Posted to Forum by chr_elling on 12-03-2008
  • DVD1 and BM6500 + Beolink 5000 ?

    Hello and happy new year to everybody ! I am the happy user of a white BS 6500 with MCP and Beolink 5000. My parents just bought a Beovision 8 and gave to me their "old" non B&O CRT TV with SCART inputs. (Until now, I always refused any TV set. This one will not be connected to any antenna...
    Posted to Forum by marc on 01-02-2008
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