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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • Beosound 5 Encore: Will I still need a DAC?

    Dear all, I am just about to buy or give back a Cambridge DacMagic. Right now I have the following setup: iMac -> USB -> DACMagic -> Beoport with BL6000 and port into my ML Network. Also in the ML Network are: Mainroom: BV8-40; BS3200; BL3; ATV2 Linkroom 1: BV8-32; ATV1 / Linkroom 2: BL2000...
    Posted to Forum by Heribert on 03-05-2011
  • BV8-40 with Mac Mini both analog and digital audio with help from a DAC Magic

    Hi all! I have a mac mini connected to my BV8-40 through Toslink to a Cambridge DAC Magic. I have connected the Mac Mini on AV3 and there also the analog sound from the DAC Magic. I have also a digital connection (SPDIF) from the DAC to the BV8-40. The problem is that when I play music the DAC sends...
    Posted to Forum by spezializten on 01-11-2010
  • DACMagic and Macbook Pro

    I'm planning to get a DACMagic to connect with my Macbook Pro. But looking at the photo of the DACMagic there is no volume control. So does that mean I can and need to control the volume from my laptop? I'm planning to plug Beolab3 directly to the DACMagic. And is the best connection I should...
    Posted to Forum by wowmix on 07-17-2009
  • Re: Mac PC2 and DAC?

    Update: I ended up picking up the Apogee Duet and it is amazing! The sound quality is totally changed, even on lower encoded music. I am listening again to a lot of music, discovering new details. Any DAC will probably make a huge difference, but i can´t recommend the Duet enough!
    Posted to Forum by shl on 03-23-2008
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