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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • CD WANTED: "Bang & Olufsen proudly presents: Benni Chawes"

    Hi - I'm looking for a CD with danish born singer Benni Chawes with the title: " Bang & Olufsen proudly presents: Benni Chawes". I've never seen or heard it - but on the artists web site ( ) one can read the following about this recording...
    Posted to Forum by Claus on 02-21-2012
  • Beosound 9000 spielt nicht mehr

    Hi, ich habe ein kleines Problem mit meiner BS 9000; sie spielt einfach keine CD's mehr. Der Schlitten leuchtet, fährt dann zu der gewählten CD, "greift" sie auch, aber die CD dreht sich dann leider nicht. Man kann etwa 3 oder 4x ein sehr leises Klacken hören, und dann springt...
    Posted to Forum by SirCona on 01-17-2012

    Hi I have a Beosystem 3500 with the beomaster, beocord and beocord CD. I love my system its great and really good looking but I have a problem with the beocord CD. The beocord CD will only play in one channel or how to put it. I only get sound from the speakers on the right side not the left side. And...
    Posted to Forum by Bartux on 01-15-2011
  • Demo cd

    Hi all, I've been a happy visitor to this forum for some time now. Until now I never posted, so here goes nothing ;) Recently i visited a B&O shop. The owner demoed some audio equipment. I think he used a B&O demo cd. However I didn't know the songs on the cd. Can anyone tell me which...
    Posted to Forum by GijsV on 05-11-2010
  • Beogram CD 5500

    Hello everybody I have a 5500 CD. It indicates Radial servo problem in service mode. I wonder if there is any known, typical problem with it? Please let me know if any ideas. Thanks
    Posted to Forum by Orava on 10-25-2009
  • Re: Clock Oscillator Frequencies

    what a nice chap "Guido" at Tentlabs is I think I might have my Ouverture upgraded using some of the things that Guido has in his lab/shop :-) He told me that all the 2300 series ( and in fact most B&O CD players ) use 11.2896 MHz Oscillators I then found out that all the Beocenter 2300...
    Posted to Forum by ouverture on 06-12-2009
  • Beogram CD 5500

    I have a BG CD5500 that will not spin the disc. Is there a known fix for this, or would I have to dive into the circuits and boards inside? Every other function seems to be working fine, but when I opened it up to "see" what happens, the disc just sits there, and the MCP says "NO SOURCE"...
    Posted to Forum by timmer66 on 12-09-2008
  • Ouverture CD not working

    Hello, I just bought an Ouverture from overseas, and just my luck, the CD don't seem to work. Tape and radio are OK, as far as I tested. I press load and the arm rises nice, and I can place a CD on its place, face up, of course. Then pressing either load or CD closes the arm, but the CD does not...
    Posted to Forum by majand on 04-06-2008
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