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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • Beocord 9000, recently acquired

    Hi Guys ***This was originally posted on the Nakamichi forum, and it was suggested I reposted it here*** The Beocord 9000 is now turning and it works. Praise the Lord. I can hear some great things, but only in parts. Otherwise it’s a pretty mixed bag, and on some material I have felt my system...
    Posted to Forum by ChristianThomas on 05-31-2011
  • Cona, AV7000, Beocord 4500, Beocord 6500, MCL2P & misc stuff 4 sale

    White Cona ( 1 small scratch) $100.00; 2 AV7000's - $50 ea-2 for $75.00; Beocord 6500 (exc) $125.00; 3 Remote Mains Adapters $25.00 ea.; MCL2P Amplifier $150.00; Attyca 2 (good condition, P/U only) $75.00;Aux Tape Switch $25.00; 2 Beolab 2500 speakers - $75.00. All prices plus shipping & ins...
    Posted to Forum by bsantini on 02-06-2011
  • B&0 beocord 8004 hx Tape Deck

    I Have a B &O 8004 hx beocord it need new drive belts, I have been told that Martin Olsen (known as 'Dillen is the man who knows about these parts could he please get in touch with me Mike Clare email Many Thanks
    Posted to Forum by mikeclare on 02-04-2011
  • Sjælden forstærker - Type V25

    Hej. Efter at have ryddet op i et dødsbo(musikbutik), har jeg fundet en forstærker. Den hedder B&O Forstærker Type V25. Som I kan se, så er den åbenbart blevet solgt i Fona Radio i sin tid. På bagsiden kan man se, at den er D-mærket, kører på...
    Posted to Forum by Ronnieo on 02-01-2011
  • Beovision MX7000, Beocord VHS 91.2, Beolink 1000 terminal/remote — Perth, Australia

    Moving house soon and don't want to lug these around with me anymore… Beovision MX7000 – great condition. With manual. Beocord VHS 91.2 – was chewing tapes last time it was used. With manual. In original box & packaging. Beolink 1000 terminal/remote – 2 of. Neither works...
    Posted to Forum by Brent on 01-26-2011

    Hi I have a Beosystem 3500 with the beomaster, beocord and beocord CD. I love my system its great and really good looking but I have a problem with the beocord CD. The beocord CD will only play in one channel or how to put it. I only get sound from the speakers on the right side not the left side. And...
    Posted to Forum by Bartux on 01-15-2011
  • Allg. Fragen zu Beomaster bzw. Beosystem 5500

    Hey Leute, ich bin seit kurzem stolzer Besitzer eines Beomaster 5500 und Beocord 5500. Ersatzteile: Beide sind in einem dem Alter entsprechenden Zustand, aber i.O.. Auf dem Deckel des Beomaster ein paar Kratzer und dem Beocord fehlen ein paar Gummifüße. Wie komme ich an Ersatzteile? Gibt es...
    Posted to Forum by DanielLikesBandO on 11-14-2010
  • Help needed to remplace belts on a BeoCord 5000/Aide au remplacement des courroies d'un BeoCord 5000

    Hello, I'm a french B&O lovers that have a beosystem 5000 and I have some problems with my BeoCord 5000 cassette deck. I have faulty belt, when I open my BeoCord I find small broken belts parts into it, but not enough to know where they were at the beginning when it run propertly. I've already...
    Posted to Forum by Abou58 on 08-05-2009
  • Can 2000 tape mechanism be used to replace a bad 3300?

    Hi, Newby first post here. I purchased a Beocord 3300 which the previous owner represented as working well but sold it "as is". It turns out it did not. The belts were rotted off and the motor no longer functions. Can I replace the whole tape mechanism of the 3300 with one that does work properly...
    Posted to Forum by dtjoint on 01-19-2009
  • Re: Complete Beomaster 8000 System for sale

    I have yet to get any interest in this system from a Beoworld member. Though that there would be given the historical interest in the BM8000. My wife is anxious for me to find a buyer. I am lowering the price to $1500 + shipping costs and posting to ebay. Thanks.
    Posted to Forum by JBThompsonII on 12-12-2008
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