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  • Beovision 8 26" Software

    Hi All, I have a Beovision 8 26" and I was just wondering whether anyone new what the latest/most up to date software or firmware version for this set is? Also, would the latest software update for the BV8 40 work on my 26"? Thanks
    Posted to Forum by Phoenix Shaw on 02-25-2012
  • What set-up to integrate two worlds ?

    Hello all, I’m new here and this is my first post. I share with you some kind of fascination for B&O products and philosophy although i do not always adhere to B&O ultra elitist strategy. Nor do i support the B&O’s inertia and isolation in a rapidly changing digital world. Like...
    Posted to Forum by ejjc66 on 05-24-2009
  • BV4/7: Auf neue Preise/Technik warten oder BS3 mit Fremdpanel?

    Nachdem in den nächsten Wochen eine neue BS5 installiert wird, spiele ich mit dem Gedanken, auch unsere TV-Welt anzupassen. Ich bin hier so oder so gespannt, wie sich BS9000 und BS5 im gleichen Raum miteinander vertragen (Händler meinte, wenn die BS5 Master wird, läßt sich die 9000er...
    Posted to Forum by vogelr on 02-22-2009
  • BV8 and HDMI switch problems

    Hello all Having a problem with my BV8-26 and my new Xtrememac HDMI switch and would appreciate any kind of help in this. I'm trying to connect my STB (a Samsung H360R) to the AV2 connection as a decoder. Turning the HDMI=YES on. Then trying to connect my AppleTV to AV1 as a V.AUX on my BV8 - same...
    Posted to Forum by BeoDane on 05-21-2008
  • Digital Media solution: player, streamer, media center?

    Hi, I have some questions on connecting an external digital media (streaming) device to the BV 8-32. My current set-up is: Beovision 8-32, with System Module installed, so it operates as the Master Link. (2008) 2 x Beolab 9 (2008), attached to BV8. Beosound 4 (2007), attached through MasterLink to BV8...
    Posted to Forum by keanone on 04-11-2008
  • Beovision 8 With Sky HD How To Make Beo5 Remote Work?

    Hi peeps, i've just upgraded from Sky Plus to Sky Hd and i now can't get my Beo5 remote to work? With the previous set up i had registered the set top box as Pace Sky+ and had a scart cable connection which also piggybacks the power for the Beo5 IR Blaster apparently. With the new setup i'm...
    Posted to Forum by bert4243 on 04-10-2008
  • BV8 - 26"

    Well poped into the B&O shop in Dublin today before I flew home to London, and saw in the flesh the BV8 - 26", I must say i quite liked it and at €2860 was cheap too. Jon
    Posted to Forum by Anonymous on 05-14-2007
  • Beovision 8

    I'd like to buy a bevision 8 32" as soon as it will be realesed (I've now a beovision 1 first series, that for me looks better and sound better but I can not connect to it my two beolab 8000) is it possible to connect an apple tv and HD set top box? There is only one HDMI... is it possible...
    Posted to Forum by scognamiglio on 05-14-2007
  • The other BV8 - Brionvega While it would not fit the style that I have in my apartment I think it is a very nice change from the average Sony Samsung Panasonic. JK P.s.
    Posted to Forum by jk1002 on 05-06-2007
  • Re: BV8 - my first view and observations

    Where did you see the TV? Glad to see they've lowered the price, but shame there is not digital tuner option.
    Posted to Forum by PhilLondon on 04-27-2007
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