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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • BV 7-40 - MkII or MkIII ?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if this 7-40 is a MkII or MkIII model: Type 9364, Item No. 1818180, Serial No. 20357911 Many thanks David
    Posted to Forum by dchunt on 05-12-2009
  • BeoVision 7-40 Mark???

    Hello everyone, Please Help! I've got a second Hand BV 7-40 in my sights... Type no 9351 Item no 1816970 Serial no 19071684 Is this BV 7-40 Mark I or II? Thanks in advance, Pedro
    Posted to Forum by spotgest on 05-20-2008
  • BV 7/32 High Definition Audio

    Quick question on HD Audio. One of the perceived benefits of Blu-ray discs is the availability of HD audio formats. The method by which these are available can vary. In some cases decoding is performed at player level. In other cases at receiver/ processor level. At present neither BS3 nor the surround...
    Posted to Forum by KENMAC on 03-28-2008
  • Starting a new B&O collection - what should I get?

    I'm a very lucky person. I'm moving to NY and I'm about to start my B&O collection completely from scratch. I use Mac for home IT and have all of my music on iTunes. My entertainment needs are primarily for two rooms: office and living room. Here's what I'm planning to acquire...
    Posted to Forum by Terrapolitan on 12-15-2007
  • photo's viewing on BeoVision 7-40MKIII

    I noticed that photo's (JPEG) played from the internal DVD player are much better on the BeoVision MKIII then on the MKII. However pictures played from a computer via the VGA connection are indeed much and much better still. Why is this? regards
    Posted to Forum by rvanham on 10-25-2007
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