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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • Beocom 6000 Base not registering

    Was wondering if I could get some suggestions on a problem with our Beocom 6000 base. This is the pyramid base that acts as a receiver as well as a charger. We've had it for a while now and it's working fine with two Beocom 6000 (MkI) handsets. But we just acquired a couple of Beocom 1 handsets...
    Posted to Forum by ericclau on 01-06-2012
  • Beolab 6000 restoration... Ideas?

    Found a pair of Beolab 6000 at a deal! Unfortunately, the surrounds need replacement. Anyone have experience with these speakers specifically and this problem? Possible to order the entire bass drivers directly from B&O? I was told that replaceing the drivers will also require calibration of the...
    Posted to Forum by Earle on 05-16-2011
  • Beomaster 6000 Volume Control

    Greetings, I've previously sought help for my malfunctioning Beomaster 8000, as it would not power on. I still don't know what the problem is and have contemplated what to do with it. In the meantime I've acquired a Beomaster 6000 from 1981 and planned on using it with my Beocord 8004 HX...
    Posted to Forum by Niels on 01-22-2011
  • Beovision 7 / Beo 4

    Ik heb altijd muziek kunnen luisteren via de beovision 7 (via de afstandsbediening het beeld kunnen uitzetten). Helaas kan ik , na de verbouwing, de code niet meer vinden om deze optie via de beo 4 te gebruiken. Wie kan hierin ondersteunen !!!!! Alvast dank
    Posted to Forum by Dutchielike on 11-02-2010
  • Beocom 6000 battery will not fully charge....

    Hi, I have a Beocom 6000 MK1 and installed a new battery (Sanyo Ni-MH model number 3HR-AAAU). All features of the phone are functioning properly. The only problem is that the battery doesn't seem to fully charge. Other than simply placing the handset in the base, is there something else that should...
    Posted to Forum by John on 11-03-2009
  • Re: Beocom 6000 ear piece volume

    I did do that and I figured that's all that should be necessary but neither of my headsets gets all that much louder even at maximum volume. It sounds like it is muted at least partially. Any other thought? Thanks for the reply regardless. Bill.
    Posted to Forum by BillinMichigan on 01-05-2009
  • Beocom 6000 ear piece volume

    Is there a way to change the ear piece volume? Mine seems too quiet and I haven't found a way to change it. Thanks.
    Posted to Forum by BillinMichigan on 01-01-2009
  • Beocom 6000

    Hallo Ik heb een beocom 6000 welke ik niet in werking krijg, daarover heb ik een aantal vragen: - Is het normaal dat het basisstation alleen een aansluiting heet op de telefoonlijn en niet op het lichtnet - Ik kan op het basisstation het knopje niet vinden om automatisch te registreren - Zit er een knop...
    Posted to Forum by beohans on 12-03-2008
  • BeoCom 6000 ?base reset? Only 1 handset and is not registered. UNKNOWN PIN!

    What can I do about this? I noticed that behind the sticker on the bottom there is a small oval hole with two solder points. Test posts? Manual reset? I noticed something similar on the handset once the battery cover is removed. To the right there are two small holes with what looks like a place to insert...
    Posted to Forum by ktlcom on 11-05-2008
  • BeoiCom 6000, 2 Handsets and 1 Triangular base B&O 1064249

    This morning when I went to use my phone, the message out of range was indicated on both handsets, even when standing next to the base. The directory on both handsets works perfectly The green light on the base is on. The handsets both have a blinking red light whether on the base or not. I have checked...
    Posted to Forum by irajane on 04-07-2008
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