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ARCHIVED FORUM -- April 2007 to March 2012

This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • No Volume on speakers

    I have a Biocenter 9000 which seems to come on fine. I have it linked to a pair of Biolab 5000 which also seem to come on fine but even though the volume seems to change on the 9000 the speakers seem to show only " -- " (which according to the manual means mutted) but everything else shows...
    Posted to Forum by stehende1 on 03-12-2011
  • Beolink 5000 opperation

    Can anyone explain if its possible to opperate a beocenter 9000 with a beolink 5000 i have so far only managed to turn the beocenter OFF with it its just the two items no link or any thing! and can it get the CD to repeat play? sorry if this sounds a dumb blond type of question ... Maurice
    Posted to Forum by Maurice on 10-29-2010
  • Beosystem 5000

    Hi, I have a Beosystem 5000 with a pair of redline 60 speakers which I bought back in 1986, it is in perfect working order and condition but has mainly been in storage for the last 10 years give or take a dusting off and test session. I was wondering if there would be anyone who would know where the...
    Posted to Forum by whippetkid on 04-14-2010
  • Beocord 5000, 5500 belts

    Hi - does anyone know where I can get replacement belts for Beocord 5000 and 5500? I need belts for both. Thanks!
    Posted to Forum by timmer66 on 12-09-2008
  • alluminium panelen - Beosystem 5000

    Hallo members en leden, Ik ben al een ruime tijd in het bezit van een beosytem 5000, maar ik wil de alluminium panelen graag vervangen door nieuwe van zeer goede kwaliteit, ook brushed, 1 mm dik. Ik moet nog op zoek naar een bedrijf dat dit kan realiseren. Nu is mijn vraag alvast hoe je het beste de...
    Posted to Forum by michgal on 11-28-2008
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