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  • What remote control do I need for a BeoVision?

    I've got a BeoVision Avant and a MX4002, and one of the Beo4 remote controls has died - kids & coffee :-( So I need to get a replacement for one or other of the tellys - do I need to just get another straight-forward replacement Beo4, or are there alternatives that can be used? And are there...
    Posted to Forum by agerrard on 06-02-2010
  • beo 4002

    Going to sell this wanted to check it out before offering it, however came across this site while searching for pinouts for the 5 pin din and struggling not to get hooked. Glad it costs money to download the manuals? Is that correct? Would be so nice to go through it and completely refurbish it..ahhh...
    Posted to Forum by rtec on 09-05-2009
  • lack of bass

    Hi, I'm having an interesting problem with my old turntables.I've tried switching:amps,preamps,speakers,and4 different turntables! The problem is not all the sound comes thru from turntables{B&O 8000,4004,RX2,even tried an old SL-120 Technics with SME arm and signet cart.}My other sources...
    Posted to Forum by spookd on 03-29-2009
  • Any value in my MMC 4000?

    My Beogram 4002 crapped out. Problems with the linear tracking screw-drive. It has a MMC 4000 mounted on it that seemed to my (less than stellar) ears to work fine. I'm wondering if there is any value in putting it up for sale? If so, are there classified ads on this site? Is eBay the way to go?...
    Posted to Forum by craig_c on 02-24-2009
  • Rumble in B&O 4002

    I don't use my turntable much any more, but last time I played an LP, I noticed a serious rumble that hadn't been there before. Pressing down on the turntable assembly indicates that the front part of the turntable sub-chassis has "bottomed-out". against the main chassis. Do the leaf...
    Posted to Forum by Stever45 on 04-06-2008
  • Beocenter 9000 connectivity

    I am considering buying a Beocenter 9000, and I have two questions. First, will my Beogram 4002 (with built-in quad decoder) plug into it? I realize it won't have remote capability, but will the 4-channel circuitry interfere? Would I simply leave it set on 2-channel? Second, I see the Beocenter 9000...
    Posted to Forum by timmer66 on 03-14-2008
  • BG 4002 / MMC600 questions

    I just bought a BG 4002 with a MMC600 cartridge. It arrived with the deck pieces, belts and platter removed, and after a bit of fiddling, I got it all assembled. At first the tonearm would drop, and then scoot fast-forward across the record - much to my dismay. Turning it on again in the evening, I noticed...
    Posted to Forum by timmer66 on 03-02-2008
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