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  • Beolab 4000 hvad er potmeterne "w" og "T" til?

    Jeg har et sæt Beolab 4000 og har undret mig over hvad de 2 potmeter der er på bagsiden er til. Der står et "W" og et "T" ved dem man skal bruge en skruetrækker for at dreje på dem. På forhånd tak for hjælpen!
    Posted to Forum by pnr on 11-19-2011
  • BeoGram 4000 – In need of Help

    I recently purchased a BeoGram 4000 from an ebay seller here in Australia. I would describe it as being in quite poor overall condition but I am nonetheless hoping to resuscitate it. They are quite rare here and I may not see another one for quite a while. The good news is that I only paid $113 AUD ...
    Posted to Forum by Telecine on 02-12-2011
  • Beogram 4000: worth it? You bet!

    Hello everyone, I am about to buy this thing here: I've already asked Martin, but I'd like your opinions too, especially since I can't see it "in the flesh". It is sold non-working of course. The arm carriage looks askew... The owner assures me it was in his family, he just inherited...
    Posted to Forum by chartz on 12-01-2010
  • Re: How to control non B&O TV with Beolink 1000

    I have the Lintronic converter at home and it's great! It translates B&O IR commands to non B&O commands but it requires software configuration. I used the "magic box" TT455 RT238. It is stated that it works with Beo 4 and Beo 5 without problems. Perhaps you should ask before bying...
    Posted to Forum by TWG on 03-19-2010
  • Re: Beogram 4000 - 1 channel doesn't work

    Mika, Peter, thanks a lot for your input. I have meassured the DIN plug and it's ok. Do you think it could be the magnetic preamplifier? Currently I am neglecting the system itself as we tried another stylus and we had the same problem. P.S. Just spoke to somebody who suggested to look into the muting...
    Posted to Forum by RMPJ on 02-16-2010
  • Beogram 4000 - 1 channel doesn't work

    Hi, first of all I would like to say that I just signed up to Beoworld and hope that anybody will forgive me as I am just starting to go through the forums, groups etc. in case I should have done something differently. After a long search I finally found a Beogram 4000. The Stylus needs to be replaced...
    Posted to Forum by RMPJ on 02-15-2010
  • Beogram 4000 speed problem

    Hi everybody I just received a beogram 4000 I bought on ebay from a German guy who said it was fully working... Anyway, the guy didn't even bother to secure the platter, let alone: The plastic pulley that rotates the tonearm shaft was missing. I found it later along with the small belt. I placed...
    Posted to Forum by BBQ260770 on 10-13-2009
  • Beolab 8000 + 4000 with nad T175 Surround Preamp.

    Hey guys I have been wanting to get a B&O surround setup happening for a fair while, but could not justify the cost of their processor, but the other day i stumbled upon the NAD T175 HD surround preamp, witch sells for 3500$ in australia, vs 19000$ for the B&O processor. My Plan was to use my...
    Posted to Forum by Tomphillips on 10-01-2009
  • Itunes -> Airport Express -> Beolab 4000

    Jeg er en gymnasieelev, der har brugt en betydeligt del af opsparingen på følgende set-up: MacBook med Itunes der trådløst sender musik til Airport Express Station, der sender musikken gennem minijack-phono ledning til mine to Beolab 4000, der hænger på væggen...
    Posted to Forum by TB on 05-17-2007
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