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  • Beocenter 7007 Turntable and Cassette Slow Problems

    Hi All Please excuse the newbi just barging in... Recently scored a reasonable condition 7007 (w/remote and S45s!). Probelm is that its good for radio and that's about it at the moment. Turntable is too slow. Infact, when set on 45rpm, it's almost fast enough for 33 12"s. The cassette deck...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by default on 11-22-2011
  • Beomaster 5500 problem....

    Hello all, this is my first posting as I have just put together a beosystem 5500 with four beovox s45 speakers and I am in love! The system looks and sounds like it was made yesterday and the MCP is quite a conversation piece. I do have one small problem though - the left hand socket for the secondary...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by roccodog on 04-29-2011
  • Beosystem 5500 rescued from loft

    I have a Beosystem 5500 + Beocord 6500 + the Master Control Unit. Having finally decided to retrieve these items and set them up once again, not all is well. Both the Beogram and Radio on the Beomaster perform with no problems, volume adjusts properly and all dials etc light-up. However both the tape...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by ReeGar on 03-18-2011
  • Beomaster 3000 type 2402 - " transformer hum" and radio?

    Hello, new to Beoworld and new owner to an old Beomaster 3000 type 2402! Before I bought it I was told that there was scratch and bad noise from the switches so the first thing was to clean all switches as been told in this forum. After that and a gently cleaning of in-/outside I ended polish the teakcabinet...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Geo on 04-16-2010
  • Beocord 5000 type 4715..........partly working!

    Cleve has kindly added to my collection of non-working B&O (I do have quite a bit that does work too!) by donating a rather nice looking 4715. It lights up...the lid needs to be lifted and held manually - should it have automatic lift when the eject is pressed? Or should it just hold itself up once...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by pcd2005 on 03-31-2010
  • Re: Privat survey of Beolab 5000 - Beomaster 5000 producs

    Hi, Just signed up, just bought a BL5000, type 5303, Serie 2, serial number 66407 Beomaster 5000S Type 2007, serie 01, serial number 16757 also have a Beomaster 5000 type 2013, Serial number 74824, serie 01 I knew the Amp was defective when I bought it, am always up for a challenge! Turned out to have...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Saskwatch on 11-11-2009
  • Re: Beomaster 8000 pushbuttons puzzle

    Martin, Your advice was absolutely spot on, as always! Everything works fine again after re-soldering all edge connectors, all pushbuttons respond as they should. Curiously I noticed that one of the several tiny capacitors soldered onto pins at the left hand side connector of the processor board had...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by waterlander2004 on 10-11-2008
  • Beomaster 8000 pushbuttons puzzle

    My beloved Beomaster 8000 now works like a dream, thanks to Dillen's excellent capacitor set and expert help with the displays. Unfortunately, to my surprise yesterday the pushbuttons on the main control panel stopped working. There is no response at all, which made me think of a loose connector...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by waterlander2004 on 10-09-2008
  • Beocentre 4600 Sudden silence - Help?

    Can anyone advise how deep problem might be? Sound went quieter (from mid) and indistinct, then with soft "bump" lapsed into silence while playing aux/CD. Power telltale remains lit, but both channels absolutely silent whatever vol/bal from tuner/aux i/puts, and all to outputs. No obvious external...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by philinpo on 09-02-2008
  • Re: Sparking between head-shield and backplate on Beocord 1600

    Well, I have some good news and some good news on the sparking (and capacitor) front(s). I finally solved the sparking issue. When I first retrieved the 1600, the aluminium cover panel (the brushed plate surrounding the tape turntables) had the two brass locating pins pulled out of their retaining holes...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by PCPete on 07-28-2008
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