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This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


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  • 07-06-2007 2:30 PM

    Australian Prizes and Beoworld.

    I was most surprised to hear that unlike every other dealer network that Beoworld has been in touch with, B&O of Australia , who cover Australia and New Zealand, were unable to offer any discount to Beoworld when purchasing products to use as prizes. This is despite the offer of publicity to the dealers. Most dealers seem to regard becoming involved with Beoworld as a useful string to their marketing bow and we acknowledge the help we receive from many excellent dealers and distributors throughout the world, as well as the support of Struer. It would seem that this goodwill has not quite managed to find its way to the Antipodes. As I am of New Zealand descent, I am surprised by this as it seems contrary to the normal generosity of spirit that exists in Australasia.

    No doubt Beoworld will source the BS1 closer to home and ship it, so we apologise for any delay to our Australian winner.


  • 07-06-2007 4:59 PM In reply to

    • Rubicon
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    Re: Australian Prizes and Beoworld.

    Hi Peter

    This is very sad to hear! What surprises me even more is that these outlets are now part of B&O Global, whereas up until a few years ago they were an independant retailer owned by a private company. If B&O were to be made aware of these difficulties maybe, just maybe they could offer some assistance????????

    It's not good to hear of a seemingly unreasonable expression of isolationism, particularly in these days of Internet business development and global marketing. I spoke to a guy in the Christchurch office recently who has recently returned from UK and indeed has met Lee at some point in his past. He was very helpful indeed and may also be able to help matters, but I am obviously only speaking my own mind here and not anyone else's.

    If you need more info then please feel free to PM.



  • 07-06-2007 5:24 PM In reply to

    • Medogsfat
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    Re: Australian Prizes and Beoworld.

    Hi Rubicon,

                     it's an encouraging sign regarding your experiences with the Christchurch branch. I personally cannot remember any really positive comments posted about dealers in your part of the world - quite the opposite whch I find both sad and disconcerting. My recent experiences are that (for the most part) the UK dealers have recognised that Beoworld is a great benefit to Bang & Olufsen - certainly as far as raising awarenes of the brand and instilling confidence in new clients. Why B&O Australia cannot see this is totally beyond me and stinks of a certain amount of arrogance and disrespect.

    My personal view is that the first of the Antipodean dealers to embrace Beoworld will be the one which will have their foot in the door to the benefits which we as a geuine enthusiasts site have to offer and will be the one which will reap those benefits. The cost to them to subsidise a prize at cost, personally, would be nothing as it wouldn't be a lost sale - just a customer gained. I really cannot get my head around this reluctance to participate in a worldwide free (24000 hits per day) and rising publicity exerciseTongue Tied


    Just my opinion of course



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  • 07-07-2007 12:00 AM In reply to

    • Dave
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    Re: Australian Prizes and Beoworld.

    This IS sad and disconcerting. We haven't really discussed Beoworld with our dealer in Adelaide, but they do go on the site, so maybe it is just some of the dealers this end of the earth... 

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