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  • 03-12-2011 4:23 PM

    No Volume on speakers

    I have a Biocenter 9000 which seems to come on fine.  I have it linked to a pair of Biolab 5000 which also seem to come on fine but even though the volume seems to change on the 9000 the speakers seem to show only " -- " (which according to the manual means mutted) but everything else shows properly (ie radio, cd, tape or whatever).  Just a reminder the volume seems to be showing that it is changing on the Biocenter 9000 but no volume or displayed volume can be heard or seen on the speakers.

    Thanks for any help

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  • 03-12-2011 4:33 PM In reply to

    Re: No Volume on speakers


    Have you tried pressing 'Mute' on the BC9000 or on the remote control? What happens?

    Do you have the speakers plugged in to the Powerlink1 sockets on the back of the BC9000. I presume you are using Powerlink cables..?



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    Re: No Volume on speakers

    BeoCenter 9000 does not have Powerlink, so they must be connected using the Speakerlink socket. Did you use the 4-pole speakerlink connectors and cable or did you use 2-pole speakerplugs? Or did you maybe use the Phono sockets of BeoCenter 9000 and BeoLab 5000? What are the positions of the switches on BeoLab 5000?

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    • psand
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    Re: No Volume on speakers

    Couldn't this be a case where the video/audio/standby switches on the side of the speakers are in the wrong position?

    For most audio systems, it doesn't matter if these switches are put in audio or video position, as they transmit data link frames with the volume level in both audio and video format. Early systems, like Beocenter 9000 and Beomaster 5500, may not do that.

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