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  • 04-24-2007 3:58 PM

    • Munin
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    Projector - replacement for BV7

    I am thinking of replacing my BV7-40 with a projector. Need some advice. My current setup is BV7-40 with BL7.4, BL5s, BL3s. What would be the best replacement? Projector? Center speaker? Beosystem 3? Other things to consider? What would it cost? All comments are welcome.
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  • 04-24-2007 5:34 PM In reply to

    Re: Projector - replacement for BV7

    Why would you want to change such a good setup? Is the BV7-40 really so bad? The speakers sound like the perfect choice to me. I have no prior knowledge or experience of projectors so I feel I cannot comment about that part. Have you considered the BV9?


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  • 04-24-2007 5:41 PM In reply to

    Re: Projector - replacement for BV7

    I would get the BS3 - but would retain a smaller screen as well as a projector. I don't know if you have seen, but B&O can do  a clever trick with surround sound now in that you can have two screens in one room, in different places - say set at right angle to each other , but using the same speakers. It is possible to set the speakers to different sound set ups so that in one set up the fronts are one pair where in the second, maybe only one of those speakers is a front and the other is now a rear. It would allow a squarish room to have a normal screen on one wall and the facility for a large projector on the other without filling the room with speakers.

    So maybe a 42" screen for watching the news or current affairs and a 100" screen for the projector for films etc. Both could work with the BS3 and you could have 4 Beolab 5s set in the four corners. Just a thought! 

  • 04-24-2007 6:04 PM In reply to

    • Beowulf
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    Re: Projector - replacement for BV7

    Hi Munin,

    Consider auditioning SIM 2 DLP Projector, saw a set up at Bristol last year and it seemed best on offer, no digital smearing or apparent artifacts.


    Good luck





  • 04-24-2007 6:23 PM In reply to

    • Tom
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    Re: Projector - replacement for BV7

    peter is [as (almost) always right] keep a screen for occasions like news... not everything looks better when projected.

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  • 04-25-2007 9:57 AM In reply to

    Re: Projector - replacement for BV7

    I do have a projector for since last christmas. It is very much an entry level however I am quite happy with it. It is nit always though a good replacement for a TV. You need to be able to darken the room, i.e. if you want to watch a movie and your wife wants to read this won't be possible with a projector setup.

     2 websites I used for research were projectorcentral and


    Personally I would want to add a projector your setup. Switching the BV7 against a BS3 and a new center is quite costly to do while adding a projector to your setup and connecting it to BV7 should be way less. When you look at the individual components of the BV7 like TV, Center and DVD it is quite a cost efficient solution.




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  • 04-25-2007 10:53 AM In reply to

    Re: Projector - replacement for BV7

    I've bought a projector since last year june.

    The first one was a Toshiba TLP-T100 which is actually not the right one for home cinema. So last year december I bought a Epson TW700. I've had it calibrated for getting the most (colors and greyscale etc) out of it.

    I use the projector as an alternative to watch movies. For daily use I have an Avant RF DVD with penta's and 6000's.

    I also bought an electric screen from proluxx which comes down just in front of the avant. So you can use the same speakers and the center from the avant will still be used.

    In your setup I would, if money isn't a problem, buy a JVC HD1. Which is one of the best projectors at the moment. Some fanatics say it is even bettter then a Barco or Ruby (CRT projector's).

    Then I would use a litronic convertor to convert the projectorsignals from the BV7 to the projector (every model with a Com port is usefull), to control the projector.

    The screen can also be lowered by use of infrared signals from the lintronic box.

    The only problem is to get a proper videosignal from DVD, HD DVD or Blue Ray. I bought a Denon 2930 with HDMI specially for the Epson.

    I had the experience that the quality of the Denon is far more better then the DVD player from the Avant or DVD1.

    It has besides the very good picture also HDMI, component and a good scaler (720P, 1080i and 1080P) inside.


    Off course you can buy a BS3 and use it with the speakers you already have. Both the LCD/Plasma and projector can be connected through HDMI. But that isn't the cheapest way.

    A DVD/HD DVD or BR player can then be connected with HDMI to the BS3.

    I think that It will probably the easiest way to use. 

  • 02-29-2008 4:47 PM In reply to

    Re: Projector - replacement for BV7

    Hi there Munin, im doing my HC Setuo very slowy.. ( as time allows)...
    Heres what ive done already... BV7:32/7.1/Blab 3S / Blab 6000s/ Blab 2.... ( thats my sound n vision sorted last year)< Now to build on to that ive sourced & got my electrician to install.... My Lutron Grafix Eye Controller... ITS AMAZING.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, so, so far i feel i have 1/3 of a full HC setup.... just 4 simple buttons to press n eye got my perfect lighting levels, Tele facing me with amazing sound all around..... 
    Next year will be the Samsung projecttor approx £5k!!!
    In 2010 the film-Industry standard "Stewart Screen".....
    and with a little help from my friendly BnO dealer..... ill have a ONE BUTTON FULL HC SETUP.....................

    Slowly slowly catchy monkey....

    PM me if you need advice and some great money saving tips on youur Lutron setup /Install.

    Life-is all about CHOICE....
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