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This is the first Archived Forum which was active between 17th April 2007 and 1st March February 2012


Latest post 10-19-2007 5:35 AM by Roger. 35 replies.
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  • 10-15-2007 2:08 AM

    TV Best design ever

    in my opinion...

    1) Beovision 5 and Beovision AV 9000

    1.5) Beovision Avant 

    2) Beovision 1 and Beovision 8

    3) Beovision mx and Beovision 6

    4) Beovision 4 and Beovision 3

    5) Beovision 7

    6) Beovision 9

  • 10-15-2007 2:48 AM In reply to

    • pgerell
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    Re: TV Best design ever

    I think the MX series are the best designed tv ever.

    As i prefer to have the set in a corner of the room, a LCD or plasma doesnt't make much sense.

    Among these I prefer the BV6 or BV8. I really dont like BIG screens.

    I think people usually have to large TV:s and position them to high on the wall. I dont want a huge black rectangle on my wall. No matter how nice the frame is.

    If I would have a black square in my appartment I would prefare one by Kasimir Malevich.




  • 10-15-2007 2:51 AM In reply to

    Re: TV Best design ever

    in my opinion :

    1] MX

    2] Avant

    3] BV3

    the others.............

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  • 10-15-2007 3:03 AM In reply to

    • Beolab
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    Re: TV Best design ever

    1. BV5

    2. AV9000.

    3. BV7 in Black or Dark Grey.

    4. Avant RF

    5. BC6

    6. BV8

    7. BV4

    8. MX Series


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  • 10-15-2007 3:11 AM In reply to

    Re: TV Best design ever

    My favourite , partly for sentimental reasons, is the 3400SJ. The 6000 could rival it!
  • 10-15-2007 4:02 AM In reply to

    • Christian
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    Re: TV Best design ever

    1. Beovision 600 in white.

    2. Beovision LX6000 black on motorstand.

    3. BeoVision 7-32 on floorstand with BL7.1

    4. BeoVision MX4200.


    Last: BeoVision 3!

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  • 10-15-2007 4:28 AM In reply to

    • Tom
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    Re: TV Best design ever

    hmm, this smells like a poll! 

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    • AdiS
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    Re: TV Best design ever

    in my opinion the BV 1 is one of the best designed TVs ever 

    2. The smaller MX sets - teh 6k/7k/8k are to big!
    3. Avant - it´s a shame that B&O didn´t take the design 1:1 for a LCD or Plasma - think it would be very nice.
    4. The AV 9000 - perhaps in other colors?
  • 10-15-2007 5:44 AM In reply to

    Re: TV Best design ever

    BeoVision 5 tops the list for me. I have never understood why such a beautifully designed television was 'dropped' so quickly from the range. It could have had updated panels, updated connections and a BeoSystem 3 chassis just as the new BeoVision 7 has. I really am lost with this one and would have undoubtedly bought one if it was a choice. BeoVision 9 does not have the same design appeal for me, its big, bulky and not in proportion. I also can't stand the ALT speaker placement though I do understand it positioning.

    Second would be the AV9000 which is just beautiful for its day, and still in today's market. So pleased to hear that the BeoVision 10 in 2008 is going to have this triangular speaker again. Classics are classics for very a good reason.

    Third would probably be the BeoVision 7 televsions but only because of the neat DVD player which gives it some kind of uniqueness, and what I term the 'B&O design edge' but it is only a small edge, otherwise it looks like most other televisions out there. I have never been over impressed by this tv, I have bought one for practical reasons which is quite unlike me to be honest but there we go.



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  • 10-15-2007 6:15 AM In reply to

    Re: TV Best design ever

    To those who have already posted to this thread, I am shocked to see how low you rate the new BeoVision 9. Now although I'm not quite up to date with pre-90s B&O TVs, the BeoVision is certainly the best looking (B&O) TV I have ever seen. This is without even mentioning all the technical bits and pieces it has on offer.

    I quite liked the BeoVision 5 when it was new, but was always put off by the half-half size of the plasma and speaker just below. This is why the BeoVision really beats it for me. With a thinner speaker on the BeoVision 9, the whole TV gains a more stylish wider look to it. And to top it off the ALT looks great Cool

    Anyway, for those of you who have had enough with my love for BV9 and not BV5, I will now hush and list my top 5 best looking B&O TVs.

    1. BeoVision 9
    2. BeoVision 7 (only with BeoLab 7-4)
    3. BeoVision 8
    4. BeoVision 4
    5. BeoVision 5

  • 10-15-2007 6:42 AM In reply to

    • Beobird
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    Re: TV Best design ever

    It's very difficult to choose because model.... looks much better in interior... and model.... looks much better in that interior....

    but I think this wil be my list

    1 Beovision 7 with floor stand and bl 7-4

    2 Beovision 6 with table knobs or with the stand + bl 6

    3 Beovision 5

    4 Beovision Avant 32" RF in silver

    5 Beovision 9 I just don't like roundings Unsure 

     Beovision 4 65" is really cool, but the design is just to simple


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  • 10-15-2007 8:06 AM In reply to

    • js
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    Re: TV Best design ever

    - MX series 55cm, the most stunning design ever

    - Avant DVD flat screen, a very strong statement too

    - BV5, so pure (not BV9, which is less refined in my eyes)

    Got the impression that when confronted with CRT constraints the designers came with very original solutions

  • 10-15-2007 8:51 AM In reply to

    • Beowulf
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    Re: TV Best design ever

    In my opinion

    Avant RF 32 DVD

    LX 6000

    MX 7000/8000






  • 10-15-2007 8:59 AM In reply to

    Re: TV Best design ever

    1/LX 2/9000 3/Avant
  • 10-15-2007 9:05 AM In reply to

    Re: TV Best design ever

    I have owned several MX TVs. Bought my first one in the 80s. Loved the fact that I could plunk it down at my feet, where I wanted to watch television. It's a mystery to me why B&O didn't put a handle in the back of the 26" BV8.

    The BeoVision 5 caught my attention when it came out. Beautifully finished - loved it with a dark frame.

    BeoVision 9 I found to be smaller "in the flesh" than I thought it would be -- however, since I'm a Mac-addict I don't need what it does beyond being a screen.

    The BeoVision 7, in the 40" version, with the horizontal speaker, in BLACK, is almost the most beautiful television I have ever seen, in my opinion.

    My favourite is the BeoVision 8 on the floorstand. To me it's pure sculpture, which is why I own one.


  • 10-15-2007 9:26 AM In reply to

    • Dave
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    Re: TV Best design ever

    OK! Sorry but MX = ugly and annonymous imho. Sorry!

    BV5 is the one and only. I really liked the design of the Beocentre 1, also, the BV7 is pretty sweet. The BV9 is imho average in comparison to the BV5 regarding the aesthetics department. No doubt about the superior performance though. Wink

    We absolutely love our BV3 but i wouldn't rate it as the best B&O have designed. Everyone who has seen it thinks it is a flat panel which is cool, but for me, gimme a BV5 or BV8 anyday !

    Soundproof (what is your name mr?!) I agree with what you say here, and good on you, the BV8 on it's stand is proving to be a successful design thus far. 

    My 5 pence. 

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  • 10-15-2007 10:18 AM In reply to

    Re: TV Best design ever

    1. AV9000



    4. Beovision 5

    5. Beovision 7

    6. Beovision 6

    7. Beovision 3

  • 10-15-2007 10:30 AM In reply to

    • Ruivar
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    Re: TV Best design ever

    My favourites are:

    1. BeoVision Avant DVD in black

    2. BeoCenter AV5 in orange

    3. BeoVision 5

    4. BeoVision 8

    5. BeoVision MX in black



  • 10-15-2007 11:03 AM In reply to

    Re: TV Best design ever

     BeoVision 5 ...simple perfection..

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  • 10-15-2007 11:17 AM In reply to

    • PentaIII
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    Re: TV Best design ever

    1. Beovision 5

    2. Beovision Avant 32 RF

    I still think you can't beat the design/performance and price of the classic Avant today. I just wish my partner would let me buy one for the bedroom but he's under the impression that if it isn't a flat panel it's garbage. 

  • 10-15-2007 11:24 AM In reply to

    • Chris
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    Re: TV Best design ever

    I love polls!

    1: Beovision 5 ......... the astonishing design

    2: Beovision 3 ......... simple and great viewing pleasure 

    3: Beovision 6 ......... marriage between aluminium and electronics

    4: Avant ........ timeless

    5: Beovision 8 ....... looks like a big laptop, but I really begin to like it.... very much

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  • 10-15-2007 1:26 PM In reply to

    • beoben
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    Re: TV Best design ever

    For me the very best:

     Videosystem 5500 mit MX and VX in white in motorized stand with a Beolink 1000.

     A dream!!!

    I want a BV 10

  • 10-15-2007 2:22 PM In reply to

    • Alex
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    Re: TV Best design ever


    1. Beovision 600 in white.

    I've got one of them! Big Smile

    For me personally:
    BeoCenter 6
    BeoVision 7 with BeoLab 7-4
    BeoVision 9
    MX 4000/4200
    BeoVision 5
    BeoVision/Center 1
    BeoVision 8
    BeoVision 6 (the Center just has so much more class to me)
    BeoVision 3
    BeoVision 4 (the most boring B&O telly design ever IMO, but there isn't exactly all that much you can do with a plasma panel)

    As far as the BeoVision 7 goes, I just love it on the floor stand with a BeoLab 7-4, it just seems so much 'lighter', and yet doesn't look right with no speaker at all IMO.

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  • 10-15-2007 2:23 PM In reply to

    Re: TV Best design ever

    1: BV5 for the handcraft put in to it...

    2: BC1 and BV7-7.1 For the all way round design...

    3 MX Timeless design, designed 26 years ago Surprise some day BV7 will take it's place ...

    99 BV8 it's designed to be design like IKEA...

  • 10-15-2007 3:13 PM In reply to

    Re: TV Best design ever

    1. The MX range. A classic

    2. The Avant, pref the RF version but the curved screen isn't bad.

    3. AV9000, because its stunning.

    As for all the BV whatevers, it isn't hard to design a rectangle so even though they look nice they dont make it on my list.

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